How to Make Plantain Chips : crunchy plantain chips

sweet banana chips Plantain Chips
Plantain Chips / sweet banana chips
Plantain Chips is a crunchy snack made with either ripe or unripe plantains or a combination of both. It is also known as sweet banana chips and great for all ages. 
Here's how to make it at home
Plantain Chips Ingredients
*Ripe or and unripe plantain
*vegetable oil  for frying
*Salt to taste 

----Before frying the plantains--
*Peel the plantains using a vegetable slicer. On a grater, the vegetable slicer is that part that look like a razor blade.
For a sweet plantain chips, choose a yellow plantain that is hard , so that it is easier to slice and also crunchier when fried.

--Directions for Frying  Plantain Chips ---

*Peel and slice the plantains , rinse in saline water and spread out on a sieve or cheese cloth to dry out.

*Heat up the vegetable oil until very hot..and add the sliced plantains, bit by bit  and fry until they are hard.

* Transfer into a sieve and spread out on paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

*Leave to cool completely and then store in air-tight containers.

Plantain Chips are great snacks for all ages.. yummy , crunchy and delicious.

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By Nky Lily Lete


  1. Anonymous7:40:00 PM

    Hi nky.. lov ur recipes.. just to know if it's goin to b a deep fry

    1. yes dear , it is deep fried, but you can use let oil by placing in the oven.

  2. Anonymous5:15:00 PM

    I like it

  3. Anonymous12:07:00 PM

    please i need the machine for slicing plantain aw do i get it the small size

  4. Anonymous7:55:00 PM

    Please how can i get a small plantain chips slicing machine for my business,my number is 07033445166,thanks

    1. Check, I think they have a lot of machines there.

  5. Anonymous5:17:00 PM

    Pls what is saline water, is it something I can fine in a pastry shop

    1. Hi dear, Saline water is simply water and salt :)

  6. Anonymous9:07:00 PM

    Hello do you have a recipe for dakwa please?

  7. Anonymous11:03:00 PM

    Hello Nky! Plz how do I make a coated peanut snack that is as smooth as d commercial peanut Burger. I tried doing this somedays back but it came out rough and joined together. Tanx

    1. Hi dear, I'll have the recipe up soon, I've got so many request for it.

  8. Thank for this info , but i find it had getting the plantain to be crispy can i sprinkle a little flour

    1. I don't add flour to mine and still get it crispy. Maybe you can try slicing it thinner

  9. Enter your comment...nice

  10. Anonymous1:58:00 PM

    Thanks always ma, please for large production of plantain chip, how do I preserve it for it to stay for a longer period

  11. Anonymous6:41:00 AM

    Thank u soo much for the platain chips recipe...want to start up a chips business nd am confused bouh which plaintain wod be better nd mur crunchy...ripe or unripe...thank u

  12. For those who want to start plantain chips business, join this Whatsapp group to meet plantain farmers.


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