Nigerian Samosa :How to make Nigerian Samosa (baked and fried recipe provided)

How to make Nigerian Samosa, Nigerian Samosa
Samosas served with sauce

Nigerian Samosa is actually the  good old Asian Samosa. It is a ''borrowed'' recipe which has become very popular in Nigeria, that a lot of folks really think it's a Nigerian delicacy.
I guess you thought so too *wink*wink*

 The only thing Nigerian about samosas, is the love Nigerians have for this tasty snack ☺.
  Samosa is usually served at most Nigerian parties as an appetizer, and also classified as a ''small chop''(that's a coined phrase for ''finger foods'') .

Well, if you are one of those who never get to eat one of these at those parties, Here's the popular Nigerian Samosa recipe for you. Enjoy.

* Click for video recipe of How to Make Nigerian style Samosa

Ingredients for Nigerian Samosa 
This makes 16 samosas:
For the Samosa dough, you'll need:

- 120g  All purpose flour (Plain white flour) 
- 3 tablespoonful of vegetable oil or melted margarine 
Half teaspoon Dry parsely,Thyme or herb of choice(optional) 
- Half leveled teaspoon of salt
 - Warm water(as needed)

Ingredients for the The filling:
- 200g minced beef/chicken
- 2 medium Irish potatoes
- 2 medium carrots(optional)
- 2 handfuls of green peas
-  1 long stalk of spring onion OR minced onion
-  1 tiny garlic/a pinch of garlic powder
-  1 teaspoon of curry powder 

-   A pinch of black pepper (optional)
-  1 stock cube
-  2 cooking spoonfuls of vegetable oil
-  chili pepper(cayenne) (to taste)
-  Salt  (to taste)

-Vegetable oil for deep-frying the Samosas
 Note: Samosas can also be baked so, skip the vegetable oil for deep frying, if you opt for baking.

 To make the Nigerian Samosa filling

**Cut the spring onions into thin circles and set aside

**Wash and peel the Irish potatoes and carrots. Cut into very tiny bits and cook in salted water for 5 minutes. If using fresh peas, Add it to the carrots and potatoes and cook for 5 more minutes until all the vegetables are soft.
   Strain and set aside.

*Heat up the oil in a pot, add the spring onions garlic, curry, black pepper(if you're using it) and stir-fry for few seconds

 Tip: Frying the spices, releases their natural flavors and oils.

* Add the minced meat/chicken. Stir-fry the meat until the color changes from pink to a pale color(if you're using chicken,the color will be white). 
      Add the stock cubes,chili pepper and salt to taste.
       Then add the cooked vegetables. 
  Mix thoroughly, Set aside and leave to cool.

To make the Nigerian Samosa dough:

*Pour the flour into a bowl, add salt and add the 3 tablespoonful of vegetable oil and warm water.Mix well until you get a stretchy dough. 

*Then cover with an airtight plastic wrap or aluminum foil and leave to rest for about 15 minutes.

*After 15 minutes, knead the dough to make it more stretchy and elastic. 

*Cut out a bit, roll out with a rolling pin .Make sure its not so thin, should be about 3-4 mm in thickness.

*Using a circular cutter, cut the rolled dough, and remove the excess dough at the corners, and then cut the circular shape into  2 diameters(2 half circles of equal sizes). 

 Rub water on the straight edges of one of the dough and shape it into a cone(the shape of a party hat);

*Now take a spoonful of the Samosa filling and scoop it into the cone shaped dough. Don't over fill it. Rub some water at the edges and seal tightly.Repeat this process for the remaining dough.

*Heat up some oil  until moderately hot and fry the Samosas in it. Fry both sides of the Samosa until lightly brown and transfer into a sieve lined with paper towels and Enjoy!

 TIP: If you'll rather bake the samosa, brush with oil or egg wash, set your oven to 180ºC  and bake for 15 minutes.

Nigerian samosa is enjoyed with a chilled drink or any local Nigerian Drink.

How to make Nigerian Samosa, Nigerian Samosa
How to make Nigerian Samosa, Nigerian Samosa How to make Nigerian Samosa, Nigerian Samosa

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by Nky Lily Lete


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    1. I'm glad you loved it dear :)

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    I'm so happy I came across this blog.being looking for how to make this for a long time now.thanks .claire

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  4. Anonymous8:36:00 PM

    How can the samosa dough be stretchy when u don't add water?Pls go tru d recipe again.tnx.

    1. Sorry dear,That was an oversight, thanks for drawing my attention to that. It has been corrected :)

  5. Anonymous1:45:00 PM

    Wow thanks

  6. Anonymous8:34:00 PM

    why does it have air bubbles when you fry it

  7. I really don't know dear :)

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    You're simply d bes. !!!

  9. Anonymous8:28:00 PM

    Tnx so much friend for being so selfless

  10. Anonymous2:32:00 PM

    Thanks for sharing. How long does it last cos i want to make it for sale.

    1. If you're making for sale , it's better to make and sell up on the same day, so that they won't go rancid when your customers buy them. But they keep for 3 days in the fridge and 1 month in the freezer.

  11. Hi Nky, as a newly wed woman....I've learned to cook banga( in my fridge right now), I made puff puff for the family this morning and off to make samosa before the evening comes....all thanks to you girl.muah

    1. You are surely a good wife my dear, a keeper indeed. Keep it up sweetie, you are highly blessed . Thanks dear.

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    ure doin a great deal to help people.............thanks..I'll sure try all dis..

  15. Anonymous7:01:00 AM

    my samosa dough usually stick 2 my cutting board. Why

    1. That's no problem dear, simply dust your working surface lightly with flour.

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  24. Anonymous7:31:00 PM

    Hi, really nice recipe, I need some advice please. I tried making these Samosa but changed my dough to using whole wheat flour, I followed your recipe but when baking these it took about an hour to bake at 180°c but these had just slightly turned brown but not as brown as I wanted them to look, when I tasted them, they were as hard as a rock, I could not bite it, however the inner filling was perfect and soft. Could you please tell me where I went wrong in baking these. I had followed your recipe and the only reason I baked them longer is because the dough looked uncooked, I used whole wheat flour as that's what's mostly used at our home when making Indian food. Sorry for long message, I would really like to cook these again, with whole wheat flour and would really appreciate your advice on getting this right second time. Thank you.

    1. Hi dear,First, by changing to wheat flour, you should have adjusted the liquid in the recipe.
      Whole wheat flour is drier than plain flour, so you have to add more liquid to the dough.
      While it is in the oven, bake at a lower temperature 150ºC, you can also brush it with oil or egg wash to give it some shine and crunch, instead of baking it for a longer time.

    2. Anonymous2:22:00 PM

      Thank you so much for your reply, I had rolled the dough to be not to soft and not too hard.
      However, just an update on this, I had made this again 2 days back added a little baking powder and rolled the dough a lot thinner this time, brushed with oil and cooked on 200°c for total time 32 mins. The outside covering came out much better and was eatable than first time! although it was not as soft to taste as I wanted it to be.
      Rolling the dough a lot thinner this time helped a lot, I just need to figure out how to make it taste softer, I would appreciate further advice on this please. Thanks again.

    3. Anonymous7:18:00 PM

      Also, the next time I bake this, I will try baking at a lower temperature 150°C as you suggested and keep you updated with how I get on.

    4. Ok dearie, I'll be expecting your feedback.

    5. Anonymous4:19:00 PM

      Hello, I tried making these again and baked at temperature 150°C, after 30 mins the outer covering was still looking uncooked and not browned at all, left to cook another 10 - 15 mins but still looked the same.
      As these had not browned and still looked uncooked after 45 mins, I changed oven temperature to 200°C to cook and they later browned. I had still achieved the same taste as the second time I made it ( eatable but not entirely soft) , my question now is, will making the Samosa dough with another flour like All purpose flour make a difference in achieving the soft taste?

    6. Yes dear, All purpose flour produces softer dough.

  25. Anonymous5:10:00 PM

    Is Samosa the same thing with Sharwama?

    1. No shawarma is different from samosa.

  26. Anonymous1:55:00 PM

    U didn't mention baking powder in ur recipe. Does it mean it can be left out?

    1. Baking powder is not necessary.

  27. Anonymous4:50:00 PM

    Thanks for this recipe. But what about the recipe for Nigerian shawama?

    1. You're welcome. Here's the shawarma recipe here----> Nigerian Shawarma 

  28. thank you so much for the oppotunity to know more.


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