How to Make Butter Icing (Buttercream icing)

Butter icing (buttercream icing) serves as a yummy topping for Cakes, biscuits and a lot more. It is also used as a coating for cakes before covering with fondant.
Butter icing (buttercream icing) is easy to prepare and does not require a lot of ingredients.

You'll need:

- 200 grams Butter (softened at room temperature, don't melt in microwave
- 400 grams Icing Sugar (sifted)
- 4 tablespoonful Milk
- 1 tablespoon vanilla extract(optional)
(if using powdered milk, dissolve 1 tablespoonful of milk in 4 tablespoonful


1. Place the soft butter in a wide bowl and beat until it is white, light and fluffy.

2. Then, gradually add the icing sugar and continue beating until the mixture is  fluffy again. 

3. Finally, add the milk and vanilla (if you're using any) and beat until well combined and smooth.

 Now you have a yummy Butter icing (buttercream icing) for your  cake frosting , icing and decorations.
Cake lightly coated with Butter Icing (Buttercream icing)

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  1. Anonymous2:40:00 PM

    Is milk necessary? Or what is the function of the milk? I have always do it without milk

    1. Milk only makes the consistency lighter

  2. Anonymous4:45:00 PM

    Pls how do I make it strong for decorations its too light and is not staying on my cake. Pls advice

    1. Add a little icing sugar to make the mixture thicker.

    2. Anonymous5:09:00 PM

      My skul made butter cream icing nd it was yellow on d cake hw come it white

    3. It's because of the milk

  3. Anonymous7:12:00 PM

    please can these survive the nigerian heat

  4. Anonymous1:26:00 PM

    Pls I need your help with how to make royal icing I wanna use it 4 my cake. Thanks alot

  5. Anonymous2:10:00 PM

    How can I make a butter icing but with chocolate colour. And also need tip about how to make royal icing

  6. Anonymous8:18:00 AM

    Pls how do I make royal icing

  7. Anonymous8:31:00 AM

    Thanks a lot for all ur good works God bless pls ma.How can I make butter icing with chocolate colour can I make use of cocoa powder or what and how do I make royal icing

  8. Anonymous7:12:00 PM

    Pls can i use the butter icing to decorate the cake like royal icing ma

  9. Anonymous10:01:00 AM

    Can't I use butter and sugar for the butter icing. Must it be icing sugar

  10. Anonymous9:32:00 AM

    Can butter icing dry and strong?

  11. Jessica4:39:00 PM

    When will you launch an application or a TV channel.... You are good

    1. Thanks Jessica,the app is in progress .

  12. can apricot jam serve the purpose of butter cream

  13. Abiola Temitayo9:38:00 AM

    Enter your comment...why is it that while am baking, the whole side will be done and the middle is not yet done?

  14. Anonymous10:30:00 PM

    Enter your comment...Thank you very much, ma. You are too good

  15. Anonymous10:30:00 PM

    Enter your comment...Thank you very much, ma. You are too good

  16. Hi Nky great job you're doing! Please my question is just a tiny one: what brand of butter do you recommend for butter icing that can withstand Nigerian heat? I noticed imported brands like oldenburger, elle and vire always melt I about 30 minutes. And getting crisco is almost impossible and even at when I once found it, th price scared me away. I hope you get to see my message. Thanks a lot.

  17. Enter your comment...can i heat the buttercream before using it to decorant my cake.


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