How to Color Fondant for Cake Decoration

Coloring Fondant is another fun task I enjoy doing. It is easy to do, but also has to be done carefully so that you  can get the exact color tone you are a looking to get. Here's how to Color Fondant for Cake Decorating. 

You'll need :

- White Fondant
- Food dye or coloring (liquid, powder or paste)
- Gloves (to prevent staining your hands with dye)
(dr. oetker food coloring , do not stain, I love using them)


1. Put on the gloves and knead the fondant until soft and form a ball; then lightly punch the ball a little in the center . 

2. Using a toothpick, pick a little of the coloring and tap it on the fondant, knead and repeat the process until you get your desired color. 
 If you're using liquid food dye add one drop at a time and knead until you get your desired color. 

3. Finally form into a ball and tightly wrap up the fondant in a nylon or plastic bag and place in a sealed container until you're ready to use.
Tip: Always color more than you need because it could be difficult to get the same shade or color tone if you finish with the one you have. 

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  1. Anonymous2:49:00 AM

    Very easy thanks.

  2. Anonymous6:40:00 PM

    was the reminant of the pink fondant u made that u coloured?..Wasnt it difficult for u to get the colours as the fondant is not white?

    1. No it wasn't ,but I needed more color than I would have used if I was working with white fondant.
      And the pink fondant I was using was a very light pink.

  3. Please where can I get the exact food colour you used?

    1. It's dr oetker, I think you'll get it at park n shop, but feel free to use any good food color you find. Mine comes in paste, I think paste is better.

  4. And can one use them for the cake itself, not just icing? If not which can I use?

    1. You can use it for both icing and the cake itself.

    2. How about red velvet cakes?

    3. How about red velvet cakes?

    4. Yes Amy, you can use them for red velvet cakes .

  5. Anonymous2:36:00 PM

    Pls Nky is Egg white necessary for making fondant.if yes what is its work

  6. Welldone dearie. I pray for more strength

  7. Anonymous1:56:00 PM

    Tnks nky lily lete

  8. Anonymous5:39:00 PM

    Please, how can I get a deep red colour? The liquid food colouring I use always comes out pink (dark pink).

  9. Vanessa5:46:00 PM

    Please, how can I get a deep red colour? The liquid food colouring I use always comes out looking

  10. Dorinzy5:44:00 AM

    Enter your comment... Please why is it that Red colouring is always giving me dark pink

  11. Why does my fundant sweat


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