How to make Palm wine alternative

How to make Palm wine alternative, Palm wine alternative

  The Nigerian Palm wine plays a very important role in traditional celebration and it is always a must have.
  Since a lot of us live outside Nigeria and can't get our hands on it, this could be a close substitute, if you must have it at your event.

 I have to make it clear again that, this is NOT your everyday palmwine, but a simple method of making alcohol that looks like, smells like and tastes like Palm wine.

It is made in the same process as the tapped palm wine, just that instead of fermenting the sweet tasting palm sap with yeast present in the gourd, we will be fermenting cane sugar or castor sugar with normal baking yeast or brewers yeast.

Ingredients for Palm Wine substitute:

- 200ml  cool water (in a plastic bottle)
- 50ml  warm water
- 10-12 spoonful castor sugar or cane sugar )
-10 grams fresh yeast(3 grams dried yeast)
- A balloon(to check fermentation)
- A rubber band( optional)

Palm Wine making Directions :

* First dissolve the yeast in warm water

* Add sugar and mix thoroughly

* Pour the yeast mixture into the bottle containing the cool water, cover with the tap and shake lightly.

* Remove the bottle cap and place the balloon on the bottle mouth;press the rest of the balloon inside the bottle.Seal the top with rubber band.

* Store in a dark place for 48 to 72 hours

* After 48 hours , you will get a whiter solution with bubbles in it and the rest of the balloon you inserted inside,would have risen to the top(inflated).You'll also see some residue at the bottom.

*Take off the balloon at the top, cover with bottle cap and shake well.

* And your homemade Palm wine is ready. Chill,serve and Enjoy!

--- Palm wine is also known in Nigeria, as Palmy, Mmaya ngwo, Nkwu Elu.Mmanya Ocha, Emu and Oguro)  ---

 By Nky Lily Lete


  1. Pls d ballon is d one use for decoration of halls and event?dat is ballon kids use for pplaying

    1. yes dear, that same balloon :)

  2. Pls what is castor sugar

    1. It's the same as the normal white sugar we use for tea and pap :)

  3. Anonymous7:13:00 PM

    Mmmm i wonder how it tastes am south African and i want to make palm wine soon

    1. It taste just like the tree tapped palm wine. Try it out and give me your feedback :)

  4. Anonymous4:54:00 PM

    Are you serious? cos am sure making this for my husband's birthday party in June and his friends are gonna come, does it make you tipsy like the real palm wine? Which is better dry or fresh yeast?

    1. The two types will come out fine, but I prefer the fresh yeast because it is fresh :)
      Before you make a big bash, practice with a little quantity, so that you won't go wrong, and yes it can make you tipsy, if you take too much.

  5. Anonymous3:05:00 AM

    How much does the recipe make?

  6. Ms. Lily How long can the Palm Wine made with this method be kept before it goes bad? Will it turn into vinegar? Also once the ballon no longer inflates is it done?

    1. It takes about 48 to 72 hours to get the palm wine taste, don't depend solely on the balloon. and the fermentation process actually stops when stored in the fridge. It can keep for 3 days. That's the longest I have stored it.

  7. Thank u.I followed the recipe , but didnt know when its finished

  8. Thanks.I am currently preparing it , but did not know when it would be ready lol

    1. It would be ready in 48 hrs to 72hrs.
      After 48hrs, check the drink, you'll notice the change in smell.
      It tends to ferment faster in hot weather, but in colder days it will take 72hrs.
      Watch the video and you'll see how it looks when it is ready.

  9. Anonymous1:44:00 PM

    What type of yeast did you use? Am curious. Is it the type for baking or...... please want to know

    1. I used fresh baking yeast, but the instant powdered yeast will do too.

  10. Mike umukoro12:52:00 PM

    I made 10 gallons for my sister's traditional wedding here in Alaska and it was a success, everyone was thrilled to have palmwine. Some even thought we imported it hahaha .
    Now i make palmwine with your recipe, to supply to people's wedding. Thanks my sister, you a doing us proud ooo :)


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