Healthy Green Juice Recipe

Healthy Green Juice(Carrots,Apples&Spinach)

I have always loved fruit and vegetable juices, but the first time I tried green juice, I became a fan for life ☺; not only because of the nutritional benefits , but I love what it does to my skin and total wellness .

  A friend once told me that green juicing was a new health fad that would go away soon; but when I told her that my late grandma had been juicing for over 70 yrs she was astonished. Green juice has been around for ages,both in Africa and Europe and isn't going no where ☺.

Green juicing is an act of squeezing out the juices from green vegetables and fruits to get a nutrition packed drink. 

My grandma used to make hers' with Bitter leaves(Vernonia amygdalina) &Ugu(fluted pumpkin leaves), but my mum adds pineapple or honey to hers (to sweeten it a bit)..Lol.. fresh bitter leaves can be really beeeetaaaa! . I love bitter leaves,but I won't be using it in this recipe. So Don't fret.

Green juice is really the way to go in juicing. It is a quick way to get all the essential vitamins and minerals in a glass. And works well for busy folks who don't have enough time to prepare healthy meals at all times. 
It is also an easy way to eat(drink) those veggies, you know you need, but just can't get yourself to cook.

Some of the health benefits of Taking green juice includes;
* Green juices boost metabolism and increase energy levels

* Green juices serve as a healthy detox and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Take 3 to 6 tall glasses daily for 3 days and you'll know what I'm talking about :).

* Green juice is great for weight management and serves as a rich refreshment if you want a change from other healthy drinks.

* Green juice also aids bowel movement. Take a glassful first thing in the morning for best effect.

* It is also a wonderful blood tonic.

* Green juice is great for the skin, eyes, nails and hair. Remember that it contains lots of enzymes,vitamins and minerals.

Well, below is an easy recipe with 3 affordable and readily available ingredients.
Here's a video on how I made this healthy green juice.

* 200g (3 handful) spinach/Kale/Ugu(fluted pumpkin)(or any leafy vegetable)

* 2 medium sized carrots
* 1 apple
* 1 teaspoon of ginger(grated)(optional)
* Water(enough to help move the blender blades)

Tools needed
* A blender or juicer
* A coffee strainer/cheese cloth/a sieve with tight mesh.

* Wash and peel the skin of the carrots. Wash the spinach and apple and then cut the fruit and veggies into tiny blend-able sizes .

* Place into the blender, add ginger to spice it up and a little water to help the blades move smoothly.

* Next, pour into the strainer.You can squeeze or Press hard on the strainer to get out as much juice as possible. Pour the green juice into a tall glass

* And now your Healthy green juice is ready. Enjoy!

****The chaff(pulp) can be used for vegetable soup if you don't want to throw it out.


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    nky i love u, u re d best

  2. Anonymous3:21:00 PM

    Nky i love u recipes. tanks alot

  3. Anonymous4:16:00 PM

    niky can u take bitterleaf juice if u have ulcer and low suger?

    1. No dear, for the ulcer please try cabbage juice mixed with aloe vera juice or eat raw cabbage for a few days.

  4. Anonymous12:55:00 PM

    Thank u very much

  5. Anonymous12:14:00 PM

    I really love your recipes, please how can I make juice that will lower my blood sugar levels its actually high and I want it to go down.

  6. Anonymous12:10:00 PM

    I love your recipe, does bitter leaf juice have negative effect on lever, is it necessary to take blood tonic after bitter leaf juice.

    1. I don't think it does and you are only to take it as a medication and not as a refreshment, too much of anything is bad.

  7. Anonymous10:40:00 AM

    Pls Nky Can A 6months Pregnant Woman Take D Green Juice.

    1. I took it while I was pregnant and loved it, but make sure you wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly and take it freshly juiced.

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    Simple and healthy combination.I enjoyed it . Thanks.

  9. Hello nky pls I'm on a diet pls can u help with low fat food recipe,pls I'm badly in need of it u can send it to my email bless u

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    I love your green juices. Don't even mind the bitters. Thinks I need more such drinks to cut off the sugar drinks and also detoxifies. You are great

    1. I love them too and also don't mind the bitters :)

  11. Anonymous12:01:00 PM

    Thank you for these infos. Please is spinach same thing as "tete"? If not where can I get it. Thank you

    1. I think green amaranth is tete, but you can use ugwu or green amaranth if you can't find spinach.

  12. Pls,can green juice correct irregular menses?

  13. Pls,can green juice correct irregular menses?

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  16. Thanks so much. Do you have any recipe for high blood pressure and kidney function?

  17. very nice blog. do you have any recipe for high blood pressure and kidney health?


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