Homemade Shawarma Bread in A Pan & Oven( Pita bread/ Naan Flat Bread)

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan pita bread Naan Flat Bread

Shawarma bread (Pita Bread) is so easy to make. All you need are 3 or 4( if you add oil) basic ingredients, that I bet you already have in your kitchen.

I love making food from scratch and love it more when the process is easy and takes little or no time. You don’t have to be a cook, to  make this bread;even if you haven’t baked bread before, you won’t have any problems making this flat bread .

I’ll show you how Shawarma bread is made on a pan (stove top) and in an oven. Both methods are great, but with the pan, you get the distinctive brown spots of pita bread , while in an oven you don’t get as much(except you are using an oven stone).   This is how I used mine for Chicken Shawarma( Looks good, right?).

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread

If you want a VERY flat bread, then do check out this Flour Tortilla Wrap Recipe here.

 For the Homemade Shawarma Bread(pita bread)You’ll need:* 320 Grams(2cups) Plain flour/ Whole Wheat flour* 70 Grams(Half cup) Plain flour/ Whole Wheat flour(for dusting& Kneading)* 1 cup Warm Water(tepid water)* 2 teaspoon Dry instant Yeast/ 20grams fresh yeast* 1 teaspoonful Salt* 2 teaspoon melted butter/Olive oil/lard(optional)(1 teaspoon is for oiling the bowl)

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread


  • In a small bowl, Dissolve the yeast in a little water and set aside to dissolve completely
  •  In a large bowl,Mix the flour and salt together; add a teaspoon of oil/melted butter(if you’re using any).
  • Mix together and add the dissolved yeast and mix;add more water and continue to mix until you get a rough dough like the picture below.

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove shawarma wrap pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread

  •  Now knead the dough on a lightly floured surface for about 5-8 minutes until the dough is firm and elastic.
    If the dough is sticky, dust more flour on it and knead on to get a non-sticky,elastic dough. Then oil the used large bowl and place the dough into it. Making sure that the dough is well brushed with oil.

Tip: The oil prevents the dough from sticking to the bowl.

  • Cover the bowl and leave to rise for 2 hours or until it doubles in size.

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove shawarma wrap pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread

Then deflate the dough by gently punching it down. Then Place on the lightly floured surface; cut out into orange sized balls(if you want a large bread), or into golf sized balls (if you want a smaller pita bread).

Take one of the balls (keep the others covered,t o prevent drying out) ,then flatten the ball with your palm and roll out flat; sprinkle some flour as you roll until you get a large circle.

Then place on a floured surface and cover while you repeat the process for the remaining balls.

Tip: Remember to always dust with flour if it is sticky and flip the dough over so that it does not stick to the table.    You can use a circular cutter to get a perfect circle…yes, you can cheat with this one…Lol

  • If you want to make the Shawarma bread on a pan(on stove top), simply heat up a nonstick pan until it’s very hot. Then place the rolled dough on it. When you begin to see bubbles, flip over to the other side and watch as the balloon forms…that’s the fun part of the whole process.

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove shawarma wrap pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread

The balloon will also form if you don’t flip over, but that will result in one side burning and turning black (we don’t want that, right? ) Deflate the balloon and place on a tray lined with a damp kitchen towel, and repeat the process for the remaining dough.

Tip: To keep the bread soft and fresh after cooking, cover with a damp cloth.
 To preserve the bread for later use, wrap in a zip lock or poly bag. It will stay fresh in room temperature for 2-3 days.

  •  If you want to make use of an oven; Preheat the oven to 230ºC(450ºF),  place the baking tray (with the rolled out dough) into the oven and bake for 3-5 minutes. Watch as the balloon forms. Then take it out of the oven.
    If I don’t get the brown spots (which is usually the case with oven made pita bread), I cheat the oven by ”browning” the oven made flat bread on a pan..taddam☺..)

Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove shawarma wrap pita bread Naan bread Flat Bread

Tip: It is important to note that , not all bread forms a balloon.I think it has to do with the heating capacity of the oven. So if you encounter that problem, don’t be disturbed; it happens to the best of us…Lol…just go ahead and use it as a flat bread wrap..it saves you the time of slicing the bread into 2 parts..lol☺.

Shawarma Bread, Homemade Shawarma Bread in a Pan on stove, shawarma wrap ,pita bread,Naan bread ,Flat Bread

Now that your Shawarma bread(Flat Bread) is ready… what are you waiting for..ENJOY!Here’s an easy homemade chicken Shawarma recipe you’ll surely love… Bon  Appetit ☺.


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      Hi Oluchi, the low rising could be caused by the yeast(not very active) and as for shrinking back after rolling( I didnt experience that, but could be because the dough didnt rise enough).and Milk cup( peak milk) weighs 170 grams. So dear, I'm sure you can do the remaining maths 🙂

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      Hi Yetunde, It could be due to high heat(if you baked it) or due to too much flour (if you used a pan). The rolled dough should be stretchy and soft, If you add too much flour when rolling it out, the bread will come out dry and with cracks, And also don't cook it for too long so that it doesnt lose moisture, Hope this was of help. Let me know how it turns out.

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