Banana Pancakes: Easy peasy banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes, how to make banana pancake, banana pancake

Banana Pancakes are irresistible and loved by all.

Kids love it. Adults enjoy it, and so would you.

It is one of the fun ways to use up over ripe bananas and quite easy to make.

Here’s how to prepare it.

Ingredients for Banana Pancakes 
Makes about 10+ pancakes

 – 2 Ripe/overipe Bananas
– 200 gr Plain Flour or Wheat flour
– 2 raw Eggs

– 2 to 3 tablespoonful evaporated milk or powdered milk or condensed milk
–  1 to 2 Tablespoonful Sugar
– A pinch of Salt
– 150ml Water (more or less)
– 1/2 teaspoon baking powder or baking soda(optional but it makes the pancake fluffy)
– 2 to 3 tablespoonful vegetable oil (for greasing the pan)

Tip: you can substitute the water in the recipe for whole milk.If using whole milk, you don’t need the evaporated milk.


1.  Mash or blend the bananas until smooth.
2. Break the eggs into a wide bowl,add the milk,sugar, salt and mashed or blended bananas and mix together.

3. Gradually sift in the baking soda and flour and keep on whisking. The mixture would begin to thicken and look lumpy.

4. Add the water and continue stirring until the pancake batter is smooth with a runny consistency.

Leave the batter to rest for 15 minutes.

Tip: the lighter you make the batter, the thinner the banana pancakes will turn out

* Pour a little oil on a pan, enough to grease the pan; spread the oil with a brush to grease the whole surface and heat up until hot.

Tip:  A non-stick pan is highly recommended for this.

* Using a deep spoon, scoop up some of the pancake batter and pour into the hot pan. 

  Gently tilt the pan, so that the batter can coat the whole surface of the pan.

* Cook the Pancake (on low heat) for a few seconds;flip over and cook the other side.

   Repeat this process for the remaining banana pancake batter, but remember to Always grease the pan before use.
Serve and Enjoy!   
Banana Pancake can be served as a snack or for breakfast with a beverage, a fruit smoothie or a refreshing drink.

Banana Pancakes, how to make banana pancake, banana pancake
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      Hi Maureen, Yes you can substitute almond or coconut flour.
      You can also make use of oat flour
      Banana pancakes taste really good with these gluteen free flours too 🙂

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