How to make Sugar Coated Peanuts/Groundnuts

Sugar Coated Peanuts ,  Sugar Coated Groundnuts,  Sugar Coated nuts
Sugar Coated Peanuts/Groundnuts
Sugar coated peanuts are always a welcomed snack anytime; at get-togethers, birthday parties and also as a snack gift for friends and family.

 I love to make these sugar coated peanuts on festive periods and give as gifts to my family, friends and neighbors; and they love it.

 Here's how you can make these yummy snack. You can also use this recipe for any other nuts.

Sugar coated Peanuts/Groundnuts recipe:

* 2 Cups Peanuts/Groundnuts(Roasted with coat removed but red/brown skin on)
* 1 cup granulated sugar(white or brown)
* 3\4 cup water
* 1\2 teaspoonful Pink/Red food coloring(optional) wasn't used in my video but if you want to give yours a color boost please feel free :-D.

*  In a pot, Pour in the sugar , water , peanuts and the coloring (if you're using any)
; mix all with a wooden spoon and be sure the nuts are well coated with the sugar mix  and  set to boil on medium heat.Stirring constantly

Tip: The skin on the peanuts, helps the sugar to attach firmly on the nuts.

* When the sugar and water mix begins to dry up reduce the heat and keep on stirring.

* When the sugar mixture begin to feel grainy  or look like wet sand on the wooden spoon, put off the heat, mix thoroughly and pour out QUICKLY on a baking tray before the mixture turns to caramel and begins to burn.
Then spread it out on the tray.
 Tip: If you don't do that, the nut would harden .

* The nuts will harden a little more as it cools.

Now enjoy  and share with friends !

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 By Nky Lily Lete


  1. Anonymous7:00:00 PM

    So glad I found this website!! Continue to post the wonderful recipes please! God bless :)

    1. Thanks and God bless u too :)

  2. Thanks for these nice recipies... Pls how do I make the other peanut burger (don't know if it's flour they use). I love ur blog. Keep up d good work.

    1. Thanks dear. The Burger peanut snack is coated in batter made of flour , eggs and spices. I don't know how they get it that smooth and round, but I'll update as soon as I get the complete recipe :)

  3. Anonymous11:50:00 PM

    Pls, teach me how to roast groundnut.

    1. To roast the groundnut, place in a hot pan and stir constantly until well roasted.
      You can also roast in the oven at 150ºC. Pour the fresh nuts on a wide oven tray and let it roast slowly. without burning.
      To roast groundnut the local way, you need a wide pan and clean sand.
      Heat up the sand on the wide pan until hot, then add the fresh groundnut(the one with the red skin), and stir around with the hot sand.
      You'll notice as the groundnut begins to roast. Immediately transfer into a sieve and leave to cool, then pick the groundnut from the sand.

  4. Anonymous1:27:00 PM

    But how do I season the groundnut with salt before roasting it,I need urgent answers pls.Thanks!

    1. You rub a little salt on the fresh nuts before roasting.

  5. pls dear u teach me how to make shawama

  6. Madam thanks for all your beautiful food teachings

  7. Anonymous3:31:00 PM

    Thank you for the recipe. I have really missed having peanuts like this.

  8. ty (typearls lifestyle)3:47:00 PM

    Love this recipe, I love eating sugar coated groundnuts while in school, had to reduce intake due to weight loss issues.

  9. Is it possible to add a little quantity of flour to the sugar coated groundnuts?

  10. Is it possible to add a little quantity of flour to the sugar coated groundnuts?

  11. is it possible to add corn flour to my sugar coated groundnut?

  12. Anonymous5:50:00 PM

    Enter your comment...Can one make use of bottle groundnut ?


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