Nigerian Street Snack : Boiled Corn and shaved Coconut

 Boiled Corn and Coconut are one of those Nigerian street snacks we call ''a match made in heaven''. It is usually sold by street hawkers but you can easily prepare it in your kitchen.

All you need are:

* A whole coconut (mature)
* 3 fresh Corn on the cob or canned sweet corn
* 1 Teaspoonful Salt
* 1 Teaspoonful Sugar (optional)

*A grater
*A knife/harmer for cracking the coconut


1. Peel off the green coat of the corn, scrape the kernels(seeds) and boil in  salted boiling water until tender.
 Take out the boiled seeds, pour into a sieve and set aside to cool.
You can also choose to boil the corn and scrape out the seeds when the corn is done. 
  If you're using canned sweet corn, strain out the water and set aside. No need to boil it.

2. Using a harmer or knife, crack the coconut, let the coconut water drip into a cup (you can drink it, it's quite refreshing).
 Then pry out the coconut meat and grate, using this knife side of the grater.

3. Now, combine the grated coconut and boiled corn seeds together. Sprinkle some sugar and enjoy!
 Tip: Adding the sugar is optional. 

So tell me, what is your favorite Nigerian Street Snack. I love your comments ☺.


  1. Anonymous10:54:00 AM

    I have actually forgotten about this snack. If I can remember,the hawkers call it agbado.

    1. Yes,agbado is corn in yoruba language :)

    2. Anonymous10:16:00 AM

      And coconut is akpon.. they are my favorite too .

    3. Coconut in yoruba is agbon
      Akpon is ogbono

    4. Really, I stand corrected :)

  2. apata ariyike5:02:00 PM

    Boli and Groundnut are my favorite street snack

    1. I love the combo jare. Boli and groundnut are another yummy match made in heaven :)

  3. Anonymous11:44:00 AM

    Nice one ma'am bless u

  4. Anonymous4:25:00 PM

    this is better than junks we eat all in d name of snacks

  5. Anonymous2:51:00 PM

    this is so nice, remind me of lagosss

  6. Anonymous9:04:00 PM

    Feeling all nostalgic with this recipe... it goes way back


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