Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup (light and healthy)

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup
Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup
  Seafood pepper soup is a rich, healthy and light meal, enjoyable any time of the year, but most especially, during the colder seasons.
  The weather was cold today, therefore a hot spicy soup was a big welcome. 

  For this seafood pepper soup I only made use of fish, shrimps, crayfish and sea snails, which was what I had in my freezer today, but I have to admit that the more seafood you use, the richer and tastier, the soup will be, so feel free to indulge. 
 You can also add yams, unripe plantains or potatoes, to make you feel fuller longer.

Here's my simple recipe, hope you enjoy.

+++Nigerian Seafood Pepper soup +++
Ingredients :
- 1 medium sized Tilapia/Catfish or your favorite lower-fat fish
(I used 2 small sized Tilapia)
- 150 g Fresh Shrimps
- 150 g Sea Snails (or periwinkles)
- 1 tablespoonful of ground dried Crayfish
- 2 spoonful Ground pepper soup spice mix(see how to make it)  
- Habanero/Chili Pepper/ (to taste)
- 1 tablespoonful Uziza/basil leaves(nchawun/efirin) (optional)
- 1 large Stock cube /1 tablespoon seasoning powder
- 1 medium Onion bulb(chopped)
-  Salt , to taste
- Water (as needed)

+ You can also make use of oysters, crabs, lobster, mussel, squid, scallops, clams or any other seafood but be aware that the cooking time will differ, depending on your seafood of choice.

+ If you want a more filling soup, add some unripe plantains, yam or potato  to the soup
+ Crayfish is also a seafood, so feel free to add it whole without grinding.

ingredients for Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup
1.a  If you don't have the pre- packaged pepper soup spices, you can easily prepare your own pepper soup spices  by following our recipe HERE.

b. Clean the fresh shrimps, remove the shell and veins(the black line on the backbone) and set aside.

c. Precook the sea snails in salted water for 5 to 10 minutes, strain and set aside. If using periwinkles, no need to precook, simply rinse thorougly and set aside for later use.

d.  Wash the fish thoroughly and cut into smaller sizes.

Now to prepare the seafood pepper soup

2. Place the fish pieces into a pot, add enough water to slightly cover the fish, add onions, pepper, stock cube and salt to taste. Parboil for 5 to 10 minutes .

Then add a little water, add the boiled snails/periwinkles, cleaned shrimps ground or whole crayfish and the ground pepper soup spices, mix gently and cook until all the seafood are done cooking(takes about 10 minutes more or less).

Tip: the type of fish or seafood you use, will determine the cooking time.

3. Finally, add the uziza or basil leaves and leave to simmer for 30 seconds.  

how to prepare Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup

    Serve hot and enjoy.

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup can be enjoyed as a meal or served accompanied with Eko (agidi),
boiled plantains, Agidi jollof, Baguette bread, boiled yams, rice or potatoes.

You can also check out other Nigerian pepper soup recipes, which includes; Catfish Pepper Soup(point & kill) , Goat meat pepper soup, Assorted meat pepper soup ,Yam&dried fish pepper soup and Yam &fresh fish pepper soup.

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup

So what do you think, are you up for some pepper soup :) 


  1. Ijaw babe10:34:00 AM

    Looks yummy, I love all types of peppersoup. This one will be great for my waistline.

  2. I'm up for some peppersoup :D
    Looks yummy

  3. D. Adenuga12:45:00 PM

    Me too, I want

  4. This looks really good, but I'm allergic to seafood at the moment...Can I substitute oxtail, chicken or Turkey or do you have a different Peppersoup recipe for them? Love your site

    1. Hi Sandra, here we have other pepper soup recipes you can try out, see recipes here

  5. God bless you .
    this pepper soup is the next in line.

  6. please what can i eat atleast to get/have more flesh.
    dont rely eat big.

    1. Hi Adeola, you can add flesh with most of the Nigerian recipes, but try increasing your food portions.


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