How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora)

Oha soup Ora/Uha soup or Ofe Oha/uha/ Ora)
Oha Soup

    Oha soup(a.ka;Ora/Uha soup or Ofe Oha/uha/ Ora) is a delicious Soup recipe from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is one of those native Igbo soups that you taste and just can’t forget.
    This rich and nutritious soup is usually prepared with the leaves of the African Pterocarpus soyauxii /Pterocarpus mildbraedi  tree, known traditionally as Oha leaves. It is also thickened with either cocoyam paste , Achi,  Egusi or Ofor, to give it it’s unique consistency.
    If you live in Nigeria, you’ll be able to get the leaves at your local market, but for those of us in diaspora, we have to either pray that a relative comes visiting or settle for the frozen or dried Oha leaves; but whichever one you source, I can assure you that the soup will come out…D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !
    Here’s how to prepare it. 

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(Post updated on May 2016 with photos)
Ingredients For Oha soup/Ora soup/Ofe Ora

–  1 bunch Oha leaves  
– A handful of Uziza leaves or a spoonful of uziza seeds (optional, but a lot of people add it)

– 8 medium sized Cocoyam(ede ofe) (use 2 handful of ofor or achi as a substitute)

– Meat of choice (chicken, ponmo(cow’s skin),shaki(tripe), beef, goat meat or turkey) 
– 1 large Stock fish head

– Dried fish (as desired)

– 1 handful Crayfish

– 2 cooking spoonful Palm oil/Palm nut paste

– 1 tablespoonful Ogiri/okpei or Iru (locust beans)(either fresh or dried will be okay)

– 2  seasoning cubes or 2 tablespoonful seasoning powder

– Pepper to taste(I like to use the yellow fresh or dried camerounian pepper because of it’s distinct aroma, but the red will do just fine) 
– Salt to taste

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Oha leaves (a bunch)

 Oha (ora) Soup Preparation 

1a.  Wash the cocoyam thoroughly with water to remove dirt and sand, then place in a pot , pour enough water to cover the cocoyam and boil until very tender. 
Strain out the hot water ,peel of the brown skin and pound the cocoyam in a mortar and pestle.
This can also be done in a blender to get a soft stretchy paste. See how to make cocoyam paste in a blender.

b. Clean and scrub the dried fish and stock fish with salt and hot water(to remove dirt and sands that may be on the oily skin of the fish).Remove bones, then rinse and set aside for later use.
Tip: you can also leave the stock fish to soak in hot water to further tenderize it.

c. Grind the crayfish, ogiri(iru) and the pepper together and set aside for later use. 

d.  Tear up/slice the oha leaves and set aside. Also slice the uziza leaves or grind the uziza seeds(if you’re using any).

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2.  Clean your meat of choice and place in a pot. Add the onions, seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Let it boil in it’s juice for a few minutes, then add the stock fish, add extra water and cook until tender. 
When tender, add the cleaned dried fish, and leave to boil for 5 minutes

3. Add the palm oil, the ground ogiri/iru, ground crayfish, ground pepper and the cocoyam paste or any other thickener you choose to use. 
Tip: if  adding achi,grind to powder and dissolve in lukewarm water beforw adding to the soup.

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha recipe

Stir well and leave to simmer until the cocoyam dissolves and the soup is thickened. 

4.  Add the sliced uziza leaves or ground uziza seeds(optional), boil for about 1 minute and finally add the shredded Oha leaves adjust for salt, then simmer for 3 minutes , put off the heat , serve hot and enjoy. 

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha recipe

Oha soup (Ofe oha) can be enjoyed with any ”swallow or bolus meals” such as eba, amala, pounded yam, fufu, semolina or wheat meal.

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Food for thought:
I once heard an old wives’tale that warned against cutting uha leaves with a
knife, because it’s assumed that if you do, the soup will turn out bitter…. Well, I tried
out the recipe with oha leaves shredded by hands and another with knife,
and there was no noticeable difference in taste.

So I’ll leave you to ponder on that or run to your kitchen and get c-o-o-k-i-n-g(*wink*).

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha recipe



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recipe for How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora)

I love to hear from you, pls drop me a comment and your feedback if you try out this recipe 🙂

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  5. Anonymous
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    Thanks for the recipe, i just tried it and i cant stop licking my plate.

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  12. Zie
    May 24, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    What if I want to make my oha with palmfruits not oil how do I go about it.

    • Nky Lily Lete
      May 29, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      Hi Zie,my granny prepares oha soup sometimes with plamfruits.To do that you'll have to extract the oil from the palm fruit by boiling the cleaned palm fruit in water until the skin peels easily from nut. Then pound gently in a mortar, but(try not to break the nuts), then pour a little of the hot water u used to boil the palm fruit. You'll begin to see the oil extract, pour all into a sieve and boil the extract until thickened. Then use in place of palm oil.

  13. Princess
    October 9, 2015 / 2:28 pm

    I like my Oha with Achi. That's one soup I can lick out the "made in china" on the plate. Lol. A quick question please. What's the difference between Ogiri and Okpei and can both be used in soups?

    • Nky Lily Lete
      May 3, 2016 / 7:01 am

      Lol..Yes both can be used in soups and the other one is also called ogiri- ogiri okpei.