How to Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice

How to Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice , Nigerian Coconut Rice,

Nigerian Coconut Rice is always a welcomed dish in many homes, parties or events. It's rich coconut taste and aroma always makes my guest asking for more. 
       Although it looks a lot like the Nigerian Jollof Rice, it is quite different in aroma and the ''coconuty'' taste, isn't what you get with Jollof Rice. 
     Nigerian Coconut Rice can also be made plain without stews or tomatoes, making it look more like plain Boiled rice, but with the distinctive coconut taste. 
    So enough of the Chit chat....let's get cooking. For the Video lovers,Here's a video recipe on How to Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice 

Ingredients for Nigerian Coconut Rice
 *500g Parboiled Rice (Here's how to Parboil Rice)
*150ml Tomato Stew
*100ml Coconut Milk(Here's how to make extract coconut milk from whole coconut)

*100 ml Chicken or Beef stock
*1 medium sized Onion bulb
*Ground Crayfish(optional)

*Stock cubes/stock powder/ Seasoning  of choice 
*Pepper (to taste)
*Salt (to taste)

Preparations Before cooking the Nigerian Coconut Rice
**If you don't have the canned coconut milk, here's an easy method on How to Extract Coconut Milk from whole coconut.

Coconut oil can also be used in the absence of coconut milk.
**Cook  the chicken/beef, grill/fry and set aside;reserve the stock(liquid from cooking the meat)
**If you don't have tomato stew, Prepare it by following the directions on this link on How to cook Tomato stew.
**Now wash and Parboil the white rice and leave to drain in a colander /sieve.Here's how to Parboil Rice for Nigerian Rice Recipes.
**Grind the crayfish and set aside
Now to Cook the Coconut Rice

* In a large pot, pour in the tomato stew, meat stock and the extracted coconut  milk.Leave to boil for 5 minutes

* Pour in the parboiled rice to the pot, add the ground crayfish, stock cubes, pepper and salt to taste.Make sure that the liquid in the pot is at the same level as the rice in the pot, if not, add some more to top it up.

* Now cover and leave the rice to cook on medium heat until the liquid in the pot is dried up.
  Tip: High heat will make the rice burn before it is cooked, while low heat will make the rice soggy and will also burn at the bottom.

*The rice should be properly done when there is no more liquid in the pot.Serve with the grilled/fried meat and enjoy.

Note: Coconut rice always turn out a bit sticky because of the oil in the coconut milk used in the recipe, so don't worry your pretty head about that.
Nigerian Coconut Rice is usually served with Salad, Moi Moi or Fried Plantains (dodo).

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How to Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice

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By Nky Lily Lete

Please leave your comments, doubts, questions and success stories  below 
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  1. Anonymous10:49:00 AM

    is it ok if i put the meat back in the pot after mixin the whole stock and stew? So that the meat will have a coconut taste too?

    1. Adding the meat back into the pot will soften it more as the rice cooks,but you can do that if you don't mind it getting really soft.

  2. Anonymous3:07:00 PM

    No vegetable oil will be applied at all?

    1. Remember that the stew you'll be adding already has oil in it... too much oil will make the rice burn at the bottom before it is done.

  3. Anonymous3:55:00 PM

    thank you

  4. Anonymous7:15:00 PM

    Can u make ot plain without tomato stew

    1. yes you can, but you'll have to use extra seasoning.

  5. Anonymous5:44:00 PM


  6. Anonymous2:03:00 PM

    i've seen so many coconut rice as soft as 'banga rice'. i mean very very soft. is it also acceptable?

    1. Coconut rice can get very soft and mushy if not cooked properly due to the oil in the coconut milk and stock. But that can be avoided if less is used and if the stock&coconut milk is boiled until it bubbles, before adding the parboiled rice.

  7. Anonymous3:16:00 PM

    i prepared dis yesterday wif runner beans carrot n shrimp,nd wifout d tomatoe sauce,i just slice my tomatoes n pepper,i did nt add any oil to it cos i know d coconut has it own oil;hope it ok like dat?

    1. I haven't cooked it that way, so how did it turn out?

  8. Anonymous6:35:00 PM

    My children don't like eating my rice,they prefer me cooking party jollof rice

    1. Party jollof rice is a big favorite for all. Try out this coconut rice recipe too, I'm sure they'll like it :)

  9. Anonymous5:20:00 PM

    Great one ma'am

  10. Anonymous4:38:00 PM

    How can I preserve my coconut rice for T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ next day

    1. Let the coconut rice cool completely then transfer into a container and store in the fridge.

  11. Anonymous11:42:00 PM

    thanks ma.

  12. Anonymous12:33:00 PM

    Thanks for the information. Now I can cook my rice.

  13. Anonymous2:55:00 PM

    Can i put all the spices crayfish and pepper before putting the rice to prevent too much turning and burning?

    1. I don't use that method but I'm sure it will also turn out fine.

    2. Anonymous9:45:00 PM

      Please how can i cook it plain without tomato? Thanks

  14. Anonymous9:40:00 PM

    Please how can i cook it plain without tomato. ... Thanks

    1. Simply omit the tomato stew in this recipe.


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