Homemade Coconut Oil : How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

Homemade Coconut Oil : How to Make Coconut Oil at Home
Homemade Coconut Oil
  Coconut oil has been proven to be a beneficial oil for both health and beauty.
This oil is packed with antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. 
  Coconut oil is one of the best oils for weight watchers when used in moderation and can also make a simple meal taste so heavenly.
 ++see how I used it in this recipe here++
  If you live in the United States or the Carribbean, you could easily walk into your local store and pick up a jar of coconut oil; but that is not the case for those of us in Spain or in Nigeria.  
  I used to buy my coconut oil from a local Indian store, but the store keeper moved on and after a long search I decided to make my own. 
 Even though I only experimented with just one large coconut, I'ld say, it was worth all the effort and definitely sticking to homemade coconut oil.
Here's how to do it.

For the Homemade Coconut Oil you'll need:
- Coconut milk from matured coconut (click here to see how to extract coconut milk)
- A saucepan or pot
- A sterilized jar with a lid
Tip: A medium sized coconut will give you about 30 ml  Coconut oil (more or less)

1. First follow the method here for how to make /extract coconut milk (you can choose to buy canned coconut milk from the stores).

2. Once you have your coconut milk ready, place it in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 5 hours.
You will notice that the coconut cream(the whitish/cream colored layer) had seperated from the water and has also solidified.

Homemade Coconut Oil : How to Make Coconut Oil at Home
3. Now, gently scoop out the solidified coconut cream and place it in a clean sauce pan or pot.

4. Heat up the coconut cream, on low heat and stir constantly until it starts to bubble at the top and a clear oil begin to show.

Homemade Coconut Oil : How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

5.  Continue to simmer on low until the remnant in the saucepan darkens in color and reduces in size.
Homemade Coconut Oil : How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

6. Gently scoop out the coconut oil and pour into a sterilized wide mouth jar or bottle. 
Don't cover it until it cools completely. If not it will go rancid quickly.
And hey, don't throw away the cream remnant in the pot, you can use it for Nigerian Coconut Rice.

Now you have your own homemade coconut oil for
-Smoothies(see my tomato smoothie recipe here)
- Snacks and desserts(use in place of vegetable oil)
- Rich Meals like Nigerian Coconut Rice and a lot more

Note: The coconut oil will solidify and become white in color in cold temperature.

Check out Wellnessmama.com for 101 uses for Coconut Oil

Do you use coconut oil? Do you plan to to make homemade coconut oil? I'll love to hear what you think :) 


  1. Mary-Jane Charles9:43:00 AM

    Thanks a lot ma you've really saved a lot of people kitchen wise, your recipes are the Bomb. my Mum never ceases to bless you anytime i try out something from your site cos it always comes out Good. i picked up am order for puff-puff believing that your recipe would help me out and it did i try it out last night and it came out good. my parents almost used it for dinner. and now with your recipe I would be making my puff-puff delivery my Monday. Thanks a million you are the best . also Ma please i have some personal questions to ask you please how can i get connected to your directly and privately?. Thanks again.

    1. Wow, thanks for your lovely feedback hun.
      If it's for business, you can email me at nigerianfoodtv@gmail.com, but if you want to ask questions concerning recipes, please feel free to ask it here or under the particular recipe you are interested, and I'll do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge :)

  2. Anonymous7:37:00 PM

    Welldone dear. We appreciate you.

  3. Olatunde Shade10:29:00 AM

    Wow! This is wonderful! I'll quickly try this tonight.now I can make my own coconut oil thanks alot for this information.

    1. You're welcome Shade, I'll be expecting your feedback :)

    2. Obianuju7:55:00 AM

      Oh wow this is great am on it thank you so so much

  4. Hello Nky. How many coconut can one use to get the oil that will fill that (for example) jar you have in picture ?

    1. About 3 to 4 large coconut.
      That's a 100ml jar.

  5. Refrigerating makes it much easier. Thank you

    1. Yes it does,
      you're welcome :)

  6. Hello! I have boiled the milk for an hour and pour into a transparent pill, Do I just keep it in the freezer overnight?

  7. What if I don't ave a frigde

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  9. Anonymous5:51:00 PM

    Thanks for the tips. However, the first time I tried out the coconut oil processing with 20 coconuts, the oil came out really pure and light gold. However, as soon as I increased it to 80 coconut, I realised that it oil comes out really dark one of the time i used 80 cocnuts, it came out black. what could have been the cause of that? although I didnt use low heat

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