Ogbono Soup Recipe for Weight Loss (wild mango seed soup)

Ogbono Seeds for Weight Loss

Ogbono seed , wild african mango seeds

 I guess you’ve probably heard of the wonders of the Ogbono seed (a.k.a wild african mango seeds), or maybe you haven’t . Although the Ogbono seed is a stable food product in Nigeria, used for cooking Ogbono soup, it is actually rare in some parts of the world.

Ogbono seeds have become the latest hype in the health industry and according to Dr. Mehmet Oz(a popular health practitioner), it could help in lowering cholesterol and aid weight loss.Several studies have also shown that this seed has several health benefits, which of course includes weight loss.

But you might be wondering ” If these seeds help in weight loss, why is it that people who eat ogbono soup ain’t loosing any weight”.
Well that’s a very easy question; Ogbono soup does aid in weight loss, but the extra condiments used for cooking the soup(meat, excess palm oil  etc..), are what really determines the amount of calories in the soup.
And more meat means more calories, more calories means more weight gain, more fat and a wider waist line.
So to get the best effect from the ogbono seeds, go easy on the extra stuff you add to the soup.
Another important factor that many fail to mention, is that, effective workouts/exercises , also plays a very important role, in determining your total well being.

So here’s my easy Ogbono soup recipe for weight loss.


•    1 cup ogbono seed(ground)

•    100g Assorted  fish Or Ponmo (cow skin) Or  skinless chicken/turkey

•     1 tablespoon palm oil(optional, but okay if you want to get the classic ogbono soup taste)

•    1  leveled cooking spoonful olive oil

•    2  fresh tomatoes(Blended)(to add exta color)

•    1  fresh/chilli pepper to taste

•    700 g Spinach/Ugu (chopped)

•     Salt  to taste

•    1 stock cube

Cooking Method

* Boil  the fish and chicken with one stock cube and spices of choice. Cook until tender.

*In another pot, heat up the palm oil & olive oil on low heat. Add the ground tomatoes.Fry a bit and then add the ground ogbono and stir until it dissolves.

* Now add the chicken Or fish stock and mix thoroughly. Increase the heat to medium and cook until the soup starts to thicken. For a thicker soup, use less stock.Cover the pot and leave to cook on low heat for 20 minutes, stir constantly to prevent burning at the bottom.

* Add the cooked fish Or chicken and pepper to taste. And leave to boil for 5 minutes.

* Add the chopped vegetables and taste for salt, and simmer for 3 minutes and your ogbono soup is ready.

Serve with Wheat meal or Oat meal.

Food for Thought
According to the studies  done on Ogbono seeds, these are some of the ways that is can help reduce the waist line and aid in weight loss;

* Taking Ogbono seeds prevents the activity of enzymes that usually convert blood sugar  into fat. In this way less fat is produced in the body

* Ogbono seeds contain fibres that bind to bile acids in the gut and help to flush them out of the body system. This helps to lower  blood cholesterol .The fibre also aids digestion and increases metabolism and prevents bloating .


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  1. Ayo
    October 10, 2015 / 5:37 am

    Greetings. Thank you for this recipe. A concern of mine is once more and more people gain knowledge of this seed, wouldn't it become to costly for the people who access and use this everyday? Like coconut oil for black soap did? Once native items that have been used for centuries by native people become mainstream it becomes inaccessible to them. That bothers me