Gurudi (gurundi) | Fun time Coconut Chips

Gurudi (also called gurundi) is a crispy Nigerian coconut biscuit. It is very popular in the south-western parts of the country and enjoyed by all. 
    If you grew up or are presently in Nigeria, and  wondering what Gurudi is, I can assure you that you might have either tasted or seen the branded and packaged version known as '' Fun time Coconut Chips'' (a UAC product).

It is actually made with a combination of finely grated coconuts, sugar and cassava starch(tapioca). Here's how to prepare the crispy chewy snack.

Ingredients for Gurundi (gurudi)
*1 large Whole coconut (finely grated)
* 80 grams Cassava starch(tapioca starch) (Use potato starch/corn starch as a  substitute)
* 64 grams (Half cup) Sugar
* A pinch of nutmeg

Note: one of our fans swears that you can also make use of plain flour, but I can't vouch for it yet.


  * If you can't get finely grated coconut.

Crack open the whole coconut and using a small knife, pry out the coconut meat and grate or blend it to a fine mix.

* In a bowl, Mix the coconut, the starch, nutmeg and sugar together. Mix thoroughly and
Add a little water to form the dough into a ball.
  Flatten out the dough thinly and place it on a baking tray lined with baking sheets or greased with butter.
   Next, cut the dough into big 6 by 6 cm squares and then bake in a preheated oven at 302° F(150° C ) for 15 to 25 minutes.

 *  When the biscuits are brown and hardened a bit. Take it out to cool  completely. 
  This biscuits will get harder as it cools. Then store in an airtight container and enjoy.


  1. Anonymous10:52:00 AM

    Nice job u r doin here,pls how long can dis last?

    1. Thanks, it'll last for a month, in an airtight container :)

  2. chinelo2:26:00 PM

    Nyc dear, bt dere is no picture. is corn starch same as corn flour?

    1. yes it's the same as the corn flour you use for making pap(akamu).

  3. Anonymous1:05:00 PM

    Can one use the baking flour as well?

  4. Hi Nky, pls what is the measurement when using fine desiccated / grated coconut from stores. 500 or 250grams?

  5. Anonymous9:45:00 AM

    Nice one NKy

  6. I've tried this twice now and still no joy, do you think its because i'm using cornflour instead of cornstarch? (i've heard they're the same thing). Please help

  7. Hi Niky, pls have you tried frying it to see how it comes out for some of us that doesn't have oven.can it be fried. Thanks

  8. How many table spoons is 80 grams of tapioca?

  9. Hello madam, pls why do you think UAC stopped the prodiction of this snack? 2ndly will using egg barter improve the taste and shelf life

  10. Nice job! But I need to soak the tapioca in water before mixing with grated coconut. Thank you


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