How to Store or Preserve Unfried or uncooked Homemade Spring Rolls

You have gone through the interesting process of making your spring roll wrappers.

You have also made your spring roll filling and prepared a beautiful springroll masterpiece.

But then you wonder ” how do I preserve these springrolls?”

As much as I enjoy cooking, I also love to manage my time and don’t like going through all the time taking prepping

, so to save some time here’s how to store uncooked spring rolls.


To  Store/Preserve Unfried Spring Rolls you will need:
– A freezer container
– All purpose flour /starch

NOTE: It could be corn starch, tapioca starch OR potato starch


  1. Grab a freezer container and sprinkle some corn starch or flour at the bottom of the container ( add enough flour to completel cover the bottom.
  2.  Lay the spring rolls gently on the floured bottom of the container and in a single file , make space between each spring roll
  3.  When you are done, sprinkle the spring rolls with more flour and store in the freezer
  4. When ever you need a spring roll, simply  heat up some oil until very hot and  the fry without thawing(defrosting).
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By Nky Lily Lete


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