How to Cook Okazi Soup (Ukazi Soup)

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Okazi Soup...delicious !
Okazi Soup (Ukazi Soup) is the Igbo version of the Efik's Afang soup.This delicious Nigerian soup is made up of a mixture of vegetables(Afang /Okazi leaves and water leaves or spinach or lamb lettuce), assorted fish, meat, spices and a soup thickener, which can be either achi, ofor, ukpo or Egusi.
Afang soup and Okazi soup are very similar, the only major difference is the thickener that is added to the Okazi soup to give it more viscosity and most people prefer to make Okazi leaves the only vegetable in the soup(without adding any other leaves).
The vegetables used for the Okazi/Ukazi soup includes Okazi leaves(called Afang leaves by the Efiks and Ibibio) and water leaves(spinach and lamb lettuce can be used as alternatives for this vegetable)
Here's an easy recipe to try out...Enjoy!

Okazi Soup (Ukazi Soup) Recipe
*1 handful Egusi /melon seeds or 2 handful ground Egusi /melon seeds (achi OR ofor OR ukpo can be used as a substitute)
*500 gr beef or assorted meat
*100 gr Smoked fish
*Stock fish (optional)
*Shelled Periwinkle(optional)
*2 tablespoonful ground crayfish
*Fresh pepper or ground dried pepper (to taste)
*Water leaves(or lamb lettuce as an alternative if you live outside Africa)
*Afang Leaves(okazi/ukazi leaves)
*500 ml Palm oil
*1 Stock cube(maggi/knorr or any one you have)
*salt to taste

 Cooking directions for Okazi soup

1. First cook the assorted meat  and stock fish, Clean  the dried fish and set aside.
*Grind the achi or egusi seeds(melon seeds), add some warm water in it, mix well, and set aside
*Slice the water leaves and Okazi leaves and set aside.If you are making use of dried Okazi leaves, you can blend it .

2. Heat up the palm oil, add some chopped onion , fry a bit and then add the mixed egusi. Stir the mixture continuously until the egusi begins to bubble a bit.

3. Now add some meat stock, mix thoroughly, cover and leave to boil for 5 minutes.

(if using achi, this is the time to add it)

 After 5 minutes, add the stock cube and ground crayfish. Mix well and then add the cooked meat, stock fish and dry fish.You can add periwinkles at the stage , if you have some. Cover and leave to cook for 2 minutes.

4. Next , add the Okazi leaves, leave to simmer for 5 minutes and then add the water leaves.Add salt to taste , simmer for 2 minutes and your Okazi Soup is ready..Enjoy.

Okazi/Ukazi soup is usually served hot with  Eba, Pounded Yam, Fufu, Semolina, Amala, Wheat meal, Tuwo Masara or any Nigerian Bolus meal.

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 By Nky Lily Lete


  1. nice blog.keep it up.

    1. Thanks dear..just checked you blog..very nice :)

  2. Yummy soup Nky, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Aunt Eya.. well appreciated :)

  3. Hi, luv ur blog. kip it up. although, I disagree with ur recipe for Okazi. pls next time ensure U ask an igbo lady for clarifications. First, for Okazi soup, either achi, ofor or ukpo is used never egusi. Secondly, its only Okazi leaves that are used, never ever water leaves. Okazi is naturally dry n hard so my advice is pound a little before cooking. Okasi is quite different from Afang(where water leaves r used). thanks and kip up ur gud work.

    1. Hi Chichi, thanks for the love.
      I'm from Anambra state, and the last time I checked, Anambra was still part of the Igbo community :), so you bet I got a lot of clarifications from all my grandmas,mums and aunts ..LOL.
      We were taught to cook Okazi soup with all kinds of soup thickeners(egusi, achi, ofor or ukpo), so that if we ever live in a place without our favorite soup thickener, we can always substitute one for the other, without feeling we are doing something wrong.
      I currently live in Spain and have never seen anything like achi, ofor or ukpo at the African stores here.. but I still enjoy my okazi soup using egusi as a thickener.. you have to try it sometime.
      As for the okazi leaves, we get it dry, and I grind it before adding to the soup... The use of extra vegetables(such as water leaves) is optional, but adding it does not give the soup another name dear. ,Just as adding bitter leaves and Ugwu to ogbono soup doesn't make it a different soup.
      Chi,I urge you to try something new and not stick to what you are USED TO , because you never know what you are missing out on :).
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. chayoma2:10:00 PM

    Thumbs up to u Nky! I love ur dishes and ur maturity. Please I need recipe on breakfast for kids OK? Thank u

    1. Thanks dear, kids recipes coming up :)

  5. Anonymous5:27:00 PM

    Pls can u add recipe for sha/oha soup too, thank you

  6. Anonymous7:25:00 PM

    I lovee dis. So trying dis fr ma hubby. I bet he will lovee it.. Fnks nky. Ur hubby is really lucky to v u. Keep up ur good work.

  7. Anonymous7:26:00 PM

    I lovee dis. So trying dis fr ma hubby. I bet he will lovee it.. Fnks nky. Ur hubby is really lucky to v u. Keep up ur good work.

    1. Thanks sweetie, I'm sure your hubby will enjoy it, I'll be expecting your feedback :)

  8. Nice worl, But at what stage wil one add the achi?

  9. Anonymous1:53:00 PM

    u av really tried by helping some woman in their cooking.
    please can you add up how to cook vegetable soup in your recipe i really need it most cos mine always looks somehow.
    thank you.

    1. Hi dear, I already have vegetable soup recipe , check ''SOUP RECIPES'' above and you'll see it.

  10. Hi Nky, Please how do you blend d okazi because I have tried using blender and I ended up using so much water,d soup ended up a bit watery. Also, I am in Baltimore, I don't like spinach, each time I get to d African store, water leave is finished. Can I use just the Okazi leaf?

    1. Hi Rayna, you can make use of a leaf known as lamb lettuce, it looks just like water leaf, but if you can't find it, then make use of ugwu.
      As for blending the okazi leaves, I wash and blend it to very tiny pieces. I blend dry, but you can add , just little drops of water just to help your blade move faster or you pound it with a little water.


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