Yam & Swallow'' Fufu'' Recipes

Looking for a Yam & Swallow''bolus''Recipes Recipe? Find it Here.... (you can also request a recipe by leaving a comment below.

Here's a list of popular Nigerian Yam & Swallow''bolus''Recipes. Learn how to make all these delicacies.

* Asaro ( Nigerian Yam Porridge) 

Asaro ( Nigerian Yam Porridge), nigerian food, nigerian yam recipes, yam recipes
* Yam and Fresh Fish Pepper soup

Nigerian Food Recipes, Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian Food,yam and fish peppersoup

*  Egg Coated Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries (Potafritas)
Egg Coated Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries (Potafritas), Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries ,Nigerian Sweet Potatoes

* Yam&dried fish peppersoup( Ji mmiri oku)
Yam and Dried Fish Pepper Soup Porridge, Gi Mmiri oku

*    Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables
Nigerian Food Recipes, Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian Food

* Yamarita | Dun Dun Oniyeri (Egg battered Yam fries)

 * How to make Pounded Yam in a Blender
pounded yam, how to make pounded yam in a blender, nigerian yam recipe, nigerian food recipes, nigerian food
*    How to make Semo, Fufu&Amala alternative(using wheat)

*  Tuwo Masara ( Tuo Masara)| Nigerian Corn meal

Nigerian Food Recipes, Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian Food

* Tuwo Shinkafa (Tuwon Shinkafa)
Tuwo Shinkafa (Tuwon Shinkafa), hasusa recipes, Nigerian food tv, nigerian food recipes

 * How to Make Cocoyam Paste (Ede Ofe) in a Blender Without a Mortar
Nigerian Food Recipes, Nigerian Recipes, Nigerian Food

* Dun Dun (fried yam slices/yam fries)
Nigerian Food Recipe


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    1. G'luv6:17:00 PM

      Wao! I never knew blender could save alot of stress of pounding!

    2. Yes it can , ny dear :)

  2. Anonymous10:47:00 PM

    i need recipe for d battered egg yam fries and dry fish yam peper soup

  3. One thing I experienced with fufu that it is very filling and stays with you I love it

  4. I need more cocoyam recipes, Thanks.yem

  5. I am a regular fan of yours and love your page dearly. Using your recipe I have prepared more than ten delicacies, you are indeed a blessing to me. But what I would like to ask for, is that grounded water Yam dish that usually looks like Ankara. I would so love to learn how to make it.

  6. Hi Nky, pls 'll like to know which is healthier, esp for someone that wants to shed weight, semovita, semolina and garri. Thanks, expecting your reply

  7. Thanks for sharing all this tips. Pls how can I preserve powdered Elubo and Egusi, can I put in the freezer? As I brought them from Nigeria and I want it to stay a little while.

    1. You are welcome Bolanle and Yes you can store the powdered egusi and elubo in the freezer.

  8. Nky you are doing a great job here. Keep it up. Looking forward to see more Nigeria recipes.


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