Efo Riro Soup Recipe : How to Cook Efo Riro Soup

Efo Riro Soup

Efo Riro is a traditional Vegetable Soup of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria. It is well known for its savory taste and richness. It is actually the Yoruba version of the Efik's Edikang Ikong Soup, but with a big twist ☺.

Efo Riro is prepared with assorted meat, fish, large quantity of green vegetables and peppers(tomatoes are added, sometimes). This is one of my go-to dishes , because I'm a big fan of vegetables. This spicy ,savory soup can be accompanied with  bolus meals, such as Amala, Elubo, Pounded yams, Fufu (akpu), Eba or Tuwo Shinkafa .It also goes pretty well with boiled Rice, plantains or yams.

 Although it is a Yoruba soup, Efo Riro is enjoyed in all parts of Nigeria.

If you love healthy soups, this is a must-try....excite your palate with this spicy soup .

Here's a detailed video on How to Cook Efo Riro and below, an easy to follow recipe.. enjoy!

Ingredients for Efo Riro
* 2kg Shoko/ Spinach leaves(about 8 wraps if you buy in Nigerian market)
* 250 gr Assorted Meat (tripe,cow skin(ponmo), beef)
* 250 gr Assorted Fish (stock fish, smoked fish)
* 3 Fresh Tomatoes or 2 Bell peppers(tatashe)
* 2 Scotch Bonnets Peppers (atarodo)
* 1 teaspoon Iru /dawadawa/ogiri (fermented locust beans ) (optional)
* 1- 2 Cooking-spoonful Palm oil
* 1 medium sized onions
* 1 tablespoonful Ground crayfish
* 2 stock cubes
* Salt to taste

Cooking Method

** Before cooking Efo Riro Soup, pick and wash the vegetables;shred/cut into tiny bits. To get less liquid in the soup,you can blanch the vegetables and set side.

**Wash the assorted meat and fish. De-bone the smoked fish, and set all aside.

** Blend the peppers and tomatoes, and set aside,

Now to cook the soup...

* Season and cook the assorted meat and fish with onions, one stock cube, a little salt and other seasoning of choice. Remember to cook the tougher meat first(in my case;tripe(shaki)
  Cook until the liquid in the pot is well absorbed(dried up) and the meat and stock fish are tender .

* In another dry pot, heat up the palm oil, until it begins to smoke a little. Add the ground tomatoes & peppers and fry until the mixture loses its sour taste; this takes about 15- 20minutes.

* Now add the cooked meat & fish. Add ground iru, ground crayfish and stock cube. Mix thoroughly, cover and leave to boil for 10 minutes.

* After 10 minutes, add the vegetables and salt to taste. Mix well and leave to simmer for 5 minutes and your delicious Efo Riro soup is ready.

Efo Riro is one of my favorite Yoruba soups. So get your taste bud rolling with this rich and tasty soup. Enjoy!

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