Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts (Ofio) / Chufas

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts (Ofio) / Chufas

Tiger nuts have been around for hundreds of years and even though it is abundant in Nigeria, only a few people know of the health benefits of this wonderful nuts.

Tiger nuts are actually small ''tuber-like'' nuts and tastes like coconut but with a stronger ''nutty'' flavor.

 As a kid, I enjoyed eating it in combination with roasted groundnut... a yummy combo made in heaven!..oh! lovely memories!

Without further ado, here are the health benefits of Tiger nuts (ofio)

1. Tiger Nuts are a good source of protein, carbohydrate , vitamins (Vitamin B, C and E ) and minerals(calcium, copper,zinc, potassium,iron and zinc.)

2. It contains calcium, which are great for strong bones and healthy tissues.

3. Tiger Nuts contains anti-inflammatory properties, and are great for people with arthritis and colitis.

4. Tiger Nuts help to get rid of gas and soothes the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Tiger nuts contains heart friendly oils which have similar health benefits as olive oil.

6. Tiger Nuts works as a diuretic and helps to cure constipation.

7. Tiger nuts milk can be used as a good substitute for cow's milk, and good for anyone with lactose intolerance, because it does not contain lactose or fructose.

8. Tiger nut milk made without added sugars is great for diabetic patients, because it contains Arginine, a hormone that produces insulin.

9. Due to it's high fiber and protein content, it is also great for weight loss.

10. Tiger nut flour are great substitute for bread crumbs, but with more health benefits than bread crumbs.

 Extra: Tiger nuts are also known as yellow nutsedge, cyperus esculentus or chufas.
Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts (Ofio) / Chufas

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  1. Anonymous4:02:00 PM

    I never knew ofio had such great benefits. No wonder I find it easier to use the toilet after chewing some ofio.

    1. yes dear ofio is a rich nut.

  2. Anonymous11:18:00 AM

    I never knew its real name. We refer 2 it here as 'hausa groundnuts'. So dats wat dey use in making Kunun... Tanx Nky. I hope its gud 4 pregnant women? I mean d recipe U jus gave bcos I want 2 try it asap!

    1. Hi dear, it is used for making ''kunun aya'', there are actually different types of kunun. It is good for pregnant woman and helps bowel movement but don't take it too much. Moderation is the key.

  3. Wow! What a beneficial stumbling? I was looking for food image to design a banner and I stumbled on this. Without doubt Nky, you are a blessing. Keep it up. Please. I will bookmark this site asap.

    1. Thanks for coming by dearie :)

  4. Anonymous9:27:00 PM

    Dis is awesome,i luv dis page

  5. Nky all I cn say is GOD BLESS U.

  6. Anonymous2:43:00 PM

    Thanks 4 d grt work Nky, pls can ulcer patient take it, and hw gud is it 4 them?

  7. Anonymous3:46:00 PM

    This post was super helpful!!! Thank you

  8. Kunuaya is also believed to be an aphrodisiac

  9. All that a nurse and I wasn't aware of how great this nut is...thanks for the info sis....


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