Nigerian Rice and Beans: How to Cook Nigerian Jollof Rice and Beans

Nigerian Rice and Beans, how to cook Nigerian Rice and Beans
Nigerian jollof Rice and Beans

   Nigerian Rice and Beans is a meal that is prepared by combining rice and beans together. This is a favorite way of enjoying the richness of both foods. 
             You can choose to prepare it plain or as jollof.
  For those who find it less appealing, eating cooked beans alone, the combination of these two meals will surely delight your taste buds.
  Here's an easy recipe for you ...Enjoy! 

Nigerian Rice and beans ingredients 
* 500 grams Rice
* 250 grams black eyed beans
*     5 cooking spoonful tomato stew/fish stew/chicken stew /beef stew
*    1 chopped medium sized onion
*    2 tablespoonful of ground crayfish
*    1 stock cube/bouillon cube

* Meat/chicken stock(optional), you can use water and extra seasoning
* Pepper to taste
* Salt to taste

Cooking directions for Nigerian Rice and Beans

 *To cut down cooking time,wash and soak the beans for about 3 hours. Pour out the water, rinse the beans in clean water and place in a pot.

 * Pour enough water to cover the beans and leave to boil until the beans is tender, but not mushy(you can add a  little baking soda or akawun, while boiling the beans to cook it faster).

*Parboil the rice using this method on How to parboil Rice and set aside.

*In a larger pot, add the stew and meat/chicken stock(or water) and leave to boil.Then add the parboiled Rice and cooked beans, ground crayfish,stock cubes, pepper and salt to taste.

*Mix well and add enough water if the liquid in the pot is not as the same level as the rice and beans.Cover the pot and leave to cook on medium heat until there is no more liquid in the pot.

*Take off the lid, stir thoroughly and serve hot with fried plantains, chicken, fish, turkey, beef or any meat of choice.

Nigerian Rice and Beans is usually enjoyed with a chilled drink.

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Nigerian Rice and Beans, how to cook Nigerian Rice and Beans
Nigerian Rice and Beans

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    Before my monthly flow I noticed the pimples in my face disappeared after taking bitter leaf juice

    1. Thanks for your feedback dearie, bitter leaf juice is very powerful :)

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    Wow, this looks really really yummy.

  3. Mehn! see presentation! The picture alone is mouth watering. You're the best ma.

  4. Anonymous11:52:00 AM

    When I cooked my fried rice the colour wasn't green enough

    1. green?
      You can either add more curry or food coloring.

  5. I rili enjoy fried frice...xo yummy nd sumptous u knw..luv ur presentation ma...#kudos (wish i can meet u to teach me practically o)

  6. I made the coconut rice o. I reduced the heat but it still got burnt quickly. I didn't remove it o just reduced the heat some more. It turned out extremely delicious. Thank you ma.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even if no one wants there jollof or coconut rice to burn..even a bit.., we surely can't deny the fact that a litle burn adds a smoky flavor partylike flavor to the rice, abi :

  7. I love ur recipes simple n straight Frward. Tnks alot

    1. thanks Hajara,
      You're welcome :)

  8. Enter your comment...let me go and try the jellof rice and beans. I have not done it before but i have no doubt in my mind that it will be great, because your recepies are always good. Thanks alot for this platform. Your recepies are really a blessing to us nigerian women. We love you Nky.

  9. Enter your comment...i have not made jellof rice and beans before but i have a good idea of what it would look like by reading your recepie and i have no doubt in my mind that it will be great. Thanks alot for this platform. It is really a blessing to us nigerian women. We love you, Nky


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