Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

   Early this morning, while rummaging through my files, I realized that I had several of our favorite instant noodles recipes in drafts.   I had planned to share this easy-peasy noodles recipe a year ago, but life just happened and I couldn't take a decent photo to go with it, but today, I'm glad to finally share our Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef recipe it with you.

 Trust me, your friends/family will be asking for more... I just finished this bowl and going to scrape the bottom pot after typing--Lol .

Ingredients for Spinach Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

- 2 packets instant/ indomie noodles (or any pasta of choice,but see tips below ingredient list)
- 100 grams boiled Beef(cut into strips)
- 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil(optional)
- 1-2 handful Sweet corn (from the can)
- 3 handful sliced Spinach/Ugwu Or any leafy green vegetable of choice
- 1 Large stock cube(if you don't like using the seasoning that comes in the indomie noodles packet)
* If you're making use of any other pasta, you'll have to spice it up with a little hot pepper, curry, garlic, ginger, thyme and stock cube.
* If you're using raw beef, cut it into thin strips, mix with half of the indomie spice or stock cube, then stir fry in a pan, with oil and pour in at step 2 below.
*You can also use beef or chicken stock in place of water
* Feel free to add more green vegetables if you like to .
--By the way, the indomie chicken flavour is our favorite ☺--

1. Break noodles and place in about 300 ml boiling water.
Leave to simmer for 3 minutes, then add vegetable oil and the boiled/stir-fried beef strips.

2. Also add the indomie seasoning mix(or stock cube), the sliced spinach and the sweet corn, mix well and leave to simmer for 2 minutes or until water has evaporated.
Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles
Serve hot and Enjoy! 
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  1. Anonymous1:55:00 PM

    Would definitely try this today.... looks yummy

  2. Wow! Looks easy to prepare. Will definitely try. Meanwhile, accept my deep-rooted condolences on d lose of ur mum. May her soul and other Souls departed RIP. amen.

    1. Thanks my beloved namesake, how have you been? trust you are doing fine.
      It's been quite a while since I heard from you.

  3. I'm feeling it already, will definitely try it. Well done

  4. I'm feeling it already, will definitely try it. Well done

  5. Will definitely try this

  6. I'm trying this now.
    thank you


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