Stir-fried Green Veggies with Beans and Corn Porridge(Adalu)

   You may have already come across the Nigerian Beans and corn Porridge(Adalu) recipe, here on the blog.

   The combination of beans and corn is a delicious way to eat your beans and get your fiber without sacrificing taste and flavor.

   Even though it is traditionally prepared with fresh corn, I'd say that I enjoy it better when prepared with the canned sweet corn .

  And for extra richness and nourishment, I serve it with some stir-fried greens. This meal combo was courtesy of my wonderful friend and dietician(Dr.Daisy), who  has been helping a lot of people live a healthier and happier life.

This Asun saved me...literally ☺

nigerian Asun Recipe ( spicy smoked peppered goat meat) | Nigerian Small Chop
Asun served with salad
    Last saturday was a friend's wedding; with the help of her sisters and cousin, we planned the whole event.
   The I.V's, the cake, cathering and also helped her ''say YES to the dress'' (that was after she had tried out like 7, or was it 8 wedding gowns..phew!).

  Everything was ready and the bride was happy, but when the day finally came.. I missed it.

Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef Noodles

   Early this morning, while rummaging through my files, I realized that I had several of our favorite instant noodles recipes in drafts.   I had planned to share this easy-peasy noodles recipe a year ago, but life just happened and I couldn't take a decent photo to go with it, but today, I'm glad to finally share our Spinach-Sweet Corn and Beef recipe it with you.

African Salad recipe update with Video

African Salad

  In my last post, I provided some ingredients and asked you to guess what the next recipe will be.
 One person was very close, and said ''Ukpaka sauce''(recipe coming soon), but I got some correct answers too and for those who got it right... here's a cute thumb up for you. 

Oha Soup Recipe and Thank You Note

Oha Soup
   I can't go on with this post, without saying a big thank you, to all the wonderful people who(even though, I didn't announce it on the blog) kept me strong with their thoughtful words and prayers, during these past days.

 My lovely Mom passed on to glory late last month, and even though I know she's now with the Lord, and probably making sure that Jollof rice is included in Heaven's menu; the pain of losing her was heart wrenching.

Agege bread (How to make soft - stretchy Nigerian bread)

Nigerian Agege bread , Agege bread recipe, Nigerian bread, nigerianfoodtv
Agege Bread- The Nº1 Nigerian Bread

  Agege bread recipe, yay, at last! Right?

  Agege bread is one of the most popular Nigerian bread, known for its soft, stretchy and chewy texture.

Egg Sauce : Nigerian Egg Stew

Nigerian Egg Stew , egg sauce , scrambled eggs in tomato sauce
Nigerian Egg Stew(sauce) served with fried fish

 Egg stew/sauce for some unknown reason has become one of my family's favorites' for good friday as well as this fish stew

 And like most Nigerian Food TV sauces, it is quite easy to prepare and
when the family gets down to eat, you can be sure of no left-overs .

Owo Soup - Oghwo Ofigbo | Ogwofibo

owo soup recipe Owo Soup - Oghwo Ofigbo | Ogwofibo
Owo Ofibo served with  boiled yam and plantain
 Owo is a traditional soup/sauce, native to the south eastern region of Nigerian(Benin-Bini, Urhobo, Delta, Itsekhiri, Ijaw, Isoko). It is a popular soup with a few variations, from different tribes.

 To get this recipe, I contacted a few of our readers, who were very helpful.

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup (light and healthy)

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup
Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup
  Seafood pepper soup is a rich, healthy and light meal, enjoyable any time of the year, but most especially, during the colder seasons.
  The weather was cold today, therefore a hot spicy soup was a big welcome. 

Happy New Year and Free Gift

Hi everyone !! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I know it`s 11 days past new year's day, but I wanted to be sure I had the Nigerian Food TV free app ready for you, just as I promised on my Facebook page .

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