Agege bread (How to make soft - stretchy Nigerian bread)

Nigerian Agege bread , Agege bread recipe, Nigerian bread, nigerianfoodtv
Agege Bread- The NÂș1 Nigerian Bread

  Agege bread recipe, yay, at last! Right?

  Agege bread is one of the most popular Nigerian bread, known for its soft, stretchy and chewy texture.

Egg Sauce : Nigerian Egg Stew

Nigerian Egg Stew , egg sauce , scrambled eggs in tomato sauce
Nigerian Egg Stew(sauce) served with fried fish

 Egg stew/sauce for some unknown reason has become one of my family's favorites' for good friday as well as this fish stew

 And like most Nigerian Food TV sauces, it is quite easy to prepare and
when the family gets down to eat, you can be sure of no left-overs .

Owo Soup - Oghwo Ofigbo | Ogwofibo

owo soup recipe Owo Soup - Oghwo Ofigbo | Ogwofibo
Owo Ofibo served with  boiled yam and plantain
 Owo is a traditional soup/sauce, native to the south eastern region of Nigerian(Benin-Bini, Urhobo, Delta, Itsekhiri, Ijaw, Isoko). It is a popular soup with a few variations, from different tribes.

 To get this recipe, I contacted a few of our readers, who were very helpful.

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup (light and healthy)

Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup  Nigerian Pepper Soup recipe  tilapia catfish peppersoup
Nigerian Seafood Pepper Soup
  Seafood pepper soup is a rich, healthy and light meal, enjoyable any time of the year, but most especially, during the colder seasons.
  The weather was cold today, therefore a hot spicy soup was a big welcome. 

Happy New Year and Free Gift

Hi everyone !! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I know it`s 11 days past new year's day, but I wanted to be sure I had the Nigerian Food TV free app ready for you, just as I promised on my Facebook page .

Coconut Fried Rice

 Coconut Fried Rice , Nigerian food tv, nigerian coconut fried rice, coconut rice, nigerian food recipes

Coconut Fried Rice

Coconut fried rice is another delicious variation of the basic fried rice. It is quite easy to prepare and always a welcomed change from the usual Nigerian fried rice.
Although the difference isn't that much, but the simple addition of coconut; be it in form of coconut milk, coconut shavings or coconut oil; will surely excite your palate.
Here's how to prepare this delicious, rich and flavorful Coconut fried rice, with a lot of tips, so you can't go wrong with this one.

How to make Soya Bean Milk (Homemade Soy Milk) from Scratch


How to make Soya bean milk (Homemade Soy Milk) from Scratch

     I love Soya bean milk(a.k.a Soy milk).
There is something about the taste that I just like.
   Maybe it's because as a kid, my mom made sure I had a glassful every weekend. 

  She usually prepared the soy milk with soya bean powder. She told me then, that it would make me ''fleshy'' (I was quite skinny as a kid ).

Egg Coated Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries (Potafritas)

Egg Coated Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries (Potafritas), Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries ,Nigerian Sweet Potatoes

     Nigerian Sweet potatoes  are like no other.  I discovered that after an interesting experiment.
 When I moved to Spain, I searched for sweet potatoes and was excited to find a few at the local store.
 They had the purple-brownish tone of the African sweet potatoes, but when I got home and cut through one of them, I was suprised that it was yellowish-orange inside, a big contrast to the white color I was used to, back home in Nigeria

How to Bake Cake On Sand (Without an Oven)

 Bake Cake Without an Oven & on a Stove top, How to Bake Cake Without an Oven on sand a Stove top, bake cake on sand, bake cake with stones

How to bake cake without an oven (sand method) & on a stove top

   After my combined post  here on ''How to Bake Cake Without an Oven'', I have been receiving emails and phone calls(I forgot my number was on the ''about me page''
 The emails and phone calls were mostly from young students, asking for clarity on the two stovetop methods mentioned in the post. I guess that reading about the two methods in one post was a bit confusing, so today, in response to that, I'll show you how to make/bake cake without an oven using the sand method and of course, there is an explanatory video below to go with it.
 Hope you find it useful. 

Easy Orange Juice Cake (Orange Cake)

Orange Juice Cake (Orange Cake), nigerianfoodtv, cake recipes
Orange Juice Cake (Orange Cake)
  I bet you'll agree with me that with hundreds of delicious cake recipes out there, it is almost impossible to have just ONE favorite cake recipe.
 And even when you thought you have finally found your ''go-to'' recipe, you suddenly discover another one that also becomes a keeper.
 That was exactly what happened to me when I came across this Orange juice cake(orange cake). I found myself repeating it so often that, as the aromatic smell of the orange cake filled the house, I wondered what took me so long in sharing this recipe with you.
 Well, no more delays, here's my favorite Orange juice cake recipe, and hope you enjoy it.

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