How to Cook Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables (Asaro Elefo)

Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables
 Nigerian Yam Porridge with vegetables is a tasty  meal you have to try out.
 It is prepared with a combination of yams and fresh green vegetables; a sure healthy way to eat yam and get your veggies in. Here's an easy recipe for you.Enjoy!

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Nigerian Yam Porridge  with vegetables ingredients:
- 1 medium sized tuber of Yam
- 500 grams Spinach/fluted spinach leaves(ugu)
- 2 cooking spoonful Palm Oil
- 1 Pepper (scotch bonnet /atarodo)
- 2 tablespoonful ground Crayfish
- 1 bouillon/stock cube
- 1 onion bulb
- Smoked or cooked dried fish(optional)
- Salt to taste


1. First, cut and peel off the skin of the yam. Rinse thoroughly and place in a pot.
 Add some water and salt to taste, and leave to boil for 15 minutes.

2. Now add the palm oil, chopped onions, ground crayfish, pepper, stock cube and cooked dried fish/smoked fish and cook until the yam is done(tender).

3. Add the sliced vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes and your Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables is ready.

Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables is usually eaten anytime of the day and enjoyed with a chilled drink.

Here's the yoruba style yam porridge
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  1. Anonymous5:39:00 PM

    hello! no mention was made of palm oil while cooking it.

    1. Sorry that was a's corrected now..thanks dear :)

  2. Anonymous5:24:00 PM

    Wow! So easy.

  3. IfyPeters4:07:00 PM

    Nky no tomatoes neccessary?

    1. Hi dear, I don't add tomatoes, but feel free to add some if you like.

  4. Anonymous12:20:00 AM

    Hello. Great job you are doing here. Tried this recipe today. It came out perfectly. Hubby ate twice. Gracias.

    1. You're welcome dearie, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. I it really comes out nice with tomatoes.. not so much of it though. thanks for sharing

  6. Anonymous11:06:00 AM

    Is there an alternative for palmoil?

    1. Blended tomatoes, peppers and vegetable oil will serve.

  7. I sincerely love your channel. You make cooking fun and easy. Thank you!

  8. How can I prepare that fish stew that comes with it

  9. With due respect, the dish is called 'yam pottage', we all make this mistake. Porridge is meals like 'oat porridge'. Apologies in advance.

    1. Aww dearie, I get what you are saying,no need to apologize and thanks for trying to help, but it is not a mistake.
      I wrote it that way because most Nigerians identify this meal as porridge :)

  10. janesylva10:11:00 AM

    Can okpei be added?

  11. Anonymous11:33:00 AM

    I add tomatoes and crayfish after cooking it u will eat more than two times. well, weldone work dear Nky

  12. Umenweke Ebere2:45:00 AM

    I have discovered that vegetables flattens the real taste of yam porridge. Iyoo is the sweetest of all yams in Nigeria. Bring out some before adding the vegetables and discover my point by yourself. The vegetables also reduces the thickness and expected looks of the meal. We are mothers, we learn everyday to make our food the best of them all. Tnks

  13. Umenweke Chinwendu2:51:00 AM

    I have discovered that vegetables flattens the taste of yam porridge. Iyoo is the sweetest type of yam. Cook it and take out some before adding the vegetables. Taste both and prove this discovery. We learn daily to make our family hippy. Tnks

  14. I can't love u less swty big sis. My Mentor ubare always amazing . God will keep blessing n uplift in all ramifications, love ur heart of Gold. Sis I wnt to send my picture of Nigeria Asaro I make for my family yesterday. It was our meal for iftar( food after breaking our fast) ur method is the best it was yummy yummy even my girl that don't use to eat cry for more.

  15. can some0ne add carrots and other veggies, just to spice it up...where you got gravy/yam/smoked fish combo...
    will try it...


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