Dun Dun (fried yam slices/yam fries)


Dun Dun (fried yam slices/yam fries) is one of the most popular street snacks in Nigeria. It is often displayed by the street vendors alongside other snacks such as Akara, coco and fried plantains.

Dun dun is also a common food in most homes and can be served anytime of the day, because it's so easy to make and takes little or no time.

Ingredients for Dun Dun (fried yam slices/yam fries)
*1 yam tuber(this depends on the number of people you're serving)
* Vegetable oil for frying the yams
* Ground pepper to taste (optional)  
* Salt to taste  

Cooking Directions 

* Wash and Peel off the skin of the yam and cut into thin slices. It could be circular or rectangular shaped

 * Rinse the yam slices and place in a bowl;sprinkle a little salt and pepper on it and mix well.

* Heat up the oil until hot and fry the yam slices , until both sides are lightly browned.

 Transfer onto a sieve lined with paper towels, to absorb excess oil.

 Dun Dun (fried yam slices/yam fries) can be served with fried eggs, obe ata dindin or eating alone as a snack.



  1. When I fry my yam @ home it has a bitter taste why those I buy outside is always tasty. Is there a secret to that?

  2. Aya oba5:32:00 PM

    when i fry yam at home, is too hard nd not crunchy like those people selling outside. I sometimes thinks they added water to the oil when frying, but im nt sure. Pls wts the secret. Tanx

  3. I'm drooling! Cannot wait to try it.


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