Kokoro Recipe: Nigerian Snacks

Kokoro recipe korokoro a Nigerian snacks for all
Thick Kokoro (korokoro)... Crunchy Corn meal snack

Kokoro is a rod-like shaped crunchy Nigerian snack ,popular in some parts of Nigeria. It is made with corn meal/corn flour and usually sold  by street hawkers...yummy!....reminiscing the good old childhood days :)). And here's the recipe for kokoro..Enjoy :) .

Ingredients for Kokoro (Hausa Masa)

*1 cup corn flour/corn meal( the coarse type).. 

(this is not the corn starch used for for making Pap)
*2 tablespoonful of sugar

*A pinch of grated Ginger(optional)

*A pinch of Chili Pepper (optional)

*A pinch of Salt

*Oil for frying

Kokoro Making Directions

*In a small bowl, add half cup of the cornmeal, sugar, pepper, salt and grated ginger. Mix thoroughly and set aside

* Pour half cup of water into a pot, leave to boil and then add the mixed corn meal, stir continuously until you get a stretchy mix that looks just like Eba (you would notice the change in the mixture) .

* Place the corn meal in a big bowl, cover and leave to cool completely

* When it is cooled, add the remaining cornmeal and knead until smooth.

* Take a little portion  and roll in between your palm, you can also roll it on a flat table to get a longer shape.Repeat this process for the remaining dough.

* Now heat up some vegetable oil until hot and fry the rods shaped dough until it hardens.

*Remove the Kokoro and place on sieve lines with paper towels, to remove excess oil.Leave to cool and ENJOY!

Kokoro can be eaten as a snack on it own or with soft drinks, fruit juices , kunnu or zobo .


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by Nky Lily Lete


  1. Anonymous3:08:00 PM

    pls what type of corn is used if not the one for making pap

    1. It's the same corn dear, just that you only use the starch of the corn for pap. Corn meal is made from grinding the whole corn.

  2. Anonymous1:10:00 PM

    Pls can I use corn flour and salt alone


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