How to make Banga Soup : Efik Banga Soup

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Banga Soup : Delta State Native Banga Soup
Banga Soup is a Nigerian soup that is native to the Southern parts of Nigeria. 
It is very similar to the Igbo's Ofe Akwu, but the additional spices used for preparing Banga Soup, makes it differ in taste and aroma. 

  Banga soup is known by several names; it is called izuwo amedi in Urhobo language and  izuwo edi in  Isoko language.
Here's the recipe.. Enjoy!

Banga Soup Ingredients:
*400g of canned Palm fruit pulp/ 500g Palm Fruits
*500g of cooked assorted Meat
*1/2 cup of cooked dried fish

*1/2 cup of cooked stock fish (optional)
*150 ml of Beef stock
*150g fresh fish(optional)
*1 tablespoon of ground Banga Spice (Aidan fruit+Rohojie)
*A handful of Banga spice leaves (called Obeletientien)...use scent leaves or bitter leaf as an alternative
*Oburunbebe stick (brown herbal stick used for Banga soup)
*1 small onion bulb, finely chopped

*1 tablespoonful ground crayfish 
*1 stock cube
*Chili pepper or scotch bonnet( to taste)
*Salt to taste

Here's a list of the common Banga soup spices

Cooking Directions for Banga Soup

*If you are using fresh palm kernel fruit(nut),Boil for  30 minutes and check to be sure the skin is soft. Then pound lightly in a mortar to extract the oil. Make sure you don't break the nuts,while pounding. Pour in some hot water and strain the extract through a sieve.Put in a pot and boil until it thickens and the oil rises to the top.

*For the canned palm nut pulp, pour into a pot and heat until the oil begins to rise to the top.

*Add the meat stock or water, depending on the consistency you want.The less stock you add, the thicker the soup would be. Leave to boil for 10 minutes.

*Now, add the chopped onions, assorted meat and dried fish. Mix well and add the pepper, ground crayfish , ground Banga spices and stock cube. Cover and leave to cook for 8 minutes.

*Add the fresh fish and the oburunbebe stick , cover and cook until the fish is done.

*Now, take out the oburunbebe stick, rinse and store for another use.(You can leave the stick in the pot and take it out when you are ready to transfer the soup into a container)

*Add the Obeletientien leaves OR
scent leaves OR bitter leaf, simmer for 1minute and your Banga soup is ready. ENJOY..
Banga Soup is usually served with Starch,but it also goes well with Pounded Yam, Amala, Wheat Meal, Tuwo Masara, Tuwo Shinkafa or Eba.

++Check out the Igbo-style Banga Stew/Soup (Ofe Akwu)

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By Nky Lily Lete


  1. This your recipe saved my marriage oo.
    I tried the banga soup recipe for my isoko inlaws(I am from kwara state) after a misunderstanding and it was a very big surprise to them. I DIDNT KNOW THAT SOUP can settle quarrel

    1. Lol... You are funny my dear Josephine... I'm glad the banga soup recipe saved your marriage...thanks for stopping by :)

  2. When I Saw this recipe, I was confused, but after I tried it, I understood what you meant.My dear the soup is very tasty, especially the flavor of the oburunbebe stick.
    Banga soup is very different from igbo ofe akwu.the type we igbos use for eating rice,please where is the recipe for ofe akwu ,I have to make it myself now that I am far from my

    1. Njideka, the banga spices it what differentiate the Urhobo banga from the igbo's Ofe Akwu. I'm glad you tried it and loved it.Ofe Akwu recipe is coming up soon, but if you are in a hurry to cook it, just cook your palm fruit pulp as you did in the banga soup preparation, but instead of adding the banga soup spices, add basil leaves(nchanwu/efirin leaves) and your Ofeakwu is ready. You know that titus fish is the correct fish for ofe akwu , but feel free to use any fresh fish you have.
      Thanks for stopping by Nj :)

  3. I just ate banga soup for the first time. Infact I cant wait to cook it. It is delicious. This will help keep my future hubby*winks* thanks for the recipe. U too try

    1. Thanks dear.. your future husband is going no where dear... you'll have him hooked for live :)

  4. I've never used the stick before but from what I've seen and heard, will start using it....thanks so much

    1. Hi Christiana the Oburunbebe stick does make a big difference dear, do try it next time... thanks for stopping dear .

  5. nice..tried it i love itt

    1. Thanks for the feedback dear, I'm glad you loved it :)

  6. Please where can I get all the ingredients (the "unique" africo ones:) in DC, Maryland or Virginia?...anywhere in fact....

    1. Hi dear, do check at any African store owned by Nigerians, you'll surely get it there :)

  7. My friend, good morning. Biko ehn, which is better for ofe akwu? Boiled or fried titus fish? Must I put ugwu in it? And if I'm using the canned oil, would 2 suffice for 7 people? Pls reply as soon as you can. Thank you. Kisses

    1. Hi dearie, to make ofe akwu, you know you don't have to add any of the banga soup spices, that's what makes it different from banga. As for your question, I prefer fresh titus, the taste it adds to the ofe akwu is unbeatable.If you can find nchuawun(scent leaves), pls use it instead of ugwu, or mix them together. You'll be glad you did dear.
      If you use 2 small cans , yes it will be okay for 7 or more people

    2. Here's my ofe akwu recipe


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