5 Tips For A Stress Free Nigerian Christmas Cooking

Is Christmas fast approaching and you're already feeling stressed and nervous?
  Don't be! dearies, it happens to the best of us, here are few tips to keep you organized and in charge.

Tip1: Plan your Menu/Meal ahead :
     The best tip is probably planning your Christmas menu ahead of time. Knowing what to cook could be the best armor against Christmas cooking stress.
   I love to plan my menu in advance(breakfast, lunch&dinner)  and prepare for both invited guests and surprise visits(you know what I mean right?
   If you want to try out a new ''not-so-easy-meal'', make sure you practice before the D-day, believe me, Christmas day isn't the best time to try unfamiliar recipes, except you are VERY SURE of what the outcome would be.
  Plan on how to store left overs too, you'll be glad you did.

Tip 2: Shop While the Sun shines

       2 weeks to Christmas is a good time to shop for non-perishable goods such as spices, bottled drinks and canned goods( tinned tomatoes, sweet corns and the likes),take advantage of great offers at the stores and market.
     You can also buy meat, chicken, fish ,fresh tomatoes and peppers for stews and store in the freezer.
     I like to blend the tomatoes and peppers, pour into a large container and freeze. This will surely save you a lot of hassle and some money too.
   Shop for fresh goods, 2-3 days before Christmas.Vegetables will stay fresh for 2 days if well preserved. So dearies, don't be part of the Christmas rush, shop while the sun shines.

Tip 3: Buy/Make Xmas gifts and wrap them up


      If you're like me, you've probably received the ''Must-buy gift list'' from family and friends.. Lol...  that's what Christmas is for,right
?... Love, happiness,gifts,expenses, stress and more stress.
   You can make this Christmas stress-less by buying the gifts and hampers ahead of time. I buy and wrap up the gifts, 2-3wks before Xmas, and send them off on the 15th -24th. 

  I also buy food stuffs and prepare food gifts such as chin chin and cakes for students and older folks ,so that they can have something to eat and serve their guests if they can't make it over to my house.
    If you'll be mailing some of the gifts, make sure you have them in the mail by the 9th or 10th , to avoid delivery delays.

Tip 4:  Prepare some Snacks and filling:

       I love making snacks (small chops) for Christmas. It serves as a great appetizer for the guests and family and can also be used to entertain visitors after the D-day(25th).
     Chin chin , Plantain chips and Sugar coated peanuts are my go-to crunchy snacks for Xmas, because they can be made ahead of time (5 days before Xmas), they keep well and can be wrapped up as part of the gifts in the hamper (I also add this delicious Homemade Milk Toffee).
     Samosas,Meat pies and Spring rolls are also welcomed. I make the filling ahead of time, defrost when needed and fill up the snacks... by doing this ,you'll be saving about 20-30 minutes of prep time.

Tip 5Cook the foods that keeps.

 This might sound like WHAAAAT?.. but yes!  You can prepare Stews, Soups, meat/chicken, stocks and freeze until the D-day.
Tomato Stews always come handy for Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice and Porridge. It takes about 30 - 60 minutes to make a tasty stew, imagine saving this time for other demanding tasks.

  Meat/Chicken Stocks are great for sauces and several recipes such as the Nigerian Fried Rice.
 As for the meat/chicken , simply thaw/defrost and fry, grill or use as needed.

EXTRA Tip: Rest on Christmas Eve

        I remember Christmas day as a day my Mum and I never got to rest until night time.PHEW! it used to be hectic.
     But today, I can say it is one of my well rested days. Because, with all the meals planned and gifts sent out, I get to do less work and also have fun with the family.
     On the 24th, Get enough rest and go to bed early . I know it is almost impossible with everyone awake screaming, shouting and rejoicing.. but you'll need the rest, if you'll be the busy bee in the kitchen tomorrow.
    I enjoy Christmas and hope these tips help to make your Christmas as stress-free as possible.

    Here are some meal ideas for you.


We'll love to hear your tips for Christmas Cooking. Leave Comment below.


  1. Florence12:27:00 PM

    Thanks for the tips Nky, I Just finished sending out the gifts, now its grocery shopping.. na waooo too much wahala...e no easy :)

    1. hahaha Xmas wahala no easy abeg :)

  2. Dunny Oladele12:29:00 PM

    Great tips, I have to start prepping the ingredients, so that I can enjoy on the day with my guests.

    1. My dear you have to start prepping jare, xmas is not meant to be spent in the kitchen while others enjoy :)

  3. Thank u so much...my stress has been lightened with these tips, just feel like giving u a hug. Can I share on my page with friends?will reference u ofcourse.

    1. My sweet Catherine, more hugs to you dear, feel free to share.. happy xmas in advance :)

    2. Oh how sweet of u! Thanks for d permission. Here is d link


    3. Your blog rocks dear...you just got a new follower, keep it up :)

  4. Anonymous3:49:00 PM

    wow, great tips.

  5. Thanks Nky for tips! It's very handy!

    1. You're welcome dearie, good to see you again , it's been a while :)

  6. Anonymous10:53:00 PM

    Thks for the stress free advice.you are too much.

  7. Anonymous3:30:00 PM

    thanks ma u re d best

  8. Anonymous10:59:00 PM

    Yes Xmas has passed but just to let you know that I prepared gizzard dodo and made chapman

  9. hi Nky, pls can you give me ideas for Christmas dishes excluding RICE! :)
    I want something different this year. Thanks :)


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